Lunes, Nobyembre 30, 2015


This week we had the opportunity to conduct companion exchanges with the Enrile B sisters and it has been sooo great! I was with Sister Golong all throughout the day, and that was the best exchanges I ever had in my whole mission life! It was a day filled with miracles! We had 11 effective contacts; we taught 11 powerful lessons (3 of which were lessons to amazing new investigators we just found that day).. Ah! Time is not sufficient for me to tell you how miraculous we met and taught Ping Gumiran. But I think it is sufficient for me to say that finding him gave me a deeper testimony how important it is to plan by the Spirit. Everything starts at "planning by the Spirt"

Before our exchanges, I had heard many good things about Sister Golong. They said, she seemed responsible, she's a good leader, and teaches very welll. I found out for myself that day that THEY ARE ALL RIGHT. She's a talented missionary who teaches boldly yet lovingly. She's amaazzing.

I think aside from the exchanges, my favorite is also was what we have discussed in MLC: The Doctrine of Gratitude. Could I just tell you how much I had been thinking about that doctrine and the ten lepers the day before our MLC (so I was so surprised that's what we talked about).

When Jesus told the 10 lepers to go and visit the priest, ALL of them did. All of them obeyed. But only one of them returned and expressed gratitude to the Savior. 

I just thought  about how a missionary can be obedient, but not expressing gratitude properly to Whom it is due. So I made a "new vision" for myself to be "a consecrated missionary who obtains power through obedience, fervent prayer, hardwork, and gratitude."

Saying prayers during thanksgiving day had been difficult for me because it was that day when we found out that our progressing investigator was taken by the DSWD because she was raped by her father. I couldn't sleep and think very well these past few days because of that.

But no matter how hard and painful things happened this week, I am grateful for the knowledge that the atonement can cover all.

I am grateful I am a missionary.

We woke up very early this morning. It was still dark and we were "hastening" to go to the oval to jog with other sister missionaries. Because of that, I brought the wrong pairs of proselyting shoes. It was so funnnny. I am wearing Nanay Barreo's sandals right now. She let me borrow hers.

The next two pictures was taken yesterday at church. Marilou Indong and her daughter Annamarie. Indong Family is one of my favorite investigators in Tuguegarao. I just hope and pray that they will be sealed in the temple, a year from now (or whenever the Lord sees fit it would be).

And I also know that someday, our family will be sealed in the temple as well. I do not know when. But I know it will. I love you!

Lunes, Nobyembre 23, 2015

Dear Mamang

I just read your email. Why are you sad? =) Be of good cheer,  I am in good hands. Actually, everything gets better here. I will not be transferred till Dec 30.. I will be spending Christmas with the all the beautiful and generous people of Tuguegarao..

This week has been great (as you can see with my photos)

So for the story:

1. I received a package again from my Nanay Crystal all the way from Utah. 90% of my package and pouches are from her. She gave me a mug (with our pictures printed on it) plus some chocolate mix... and sobrang masarap! :) I am just grateful Heavenly Father gave me wonderful Nanay Crystal. She trained me very well. She is well-known in the mission field as the "diligent missionary"..

At the same time, I am grateful I got you as my mamang. YOU ARE THE BEST AND NO ONE CAN EVER REPLACE YOU.

2. Speaking of Nanay... during one of these days, my companion and I together with Sister Ragasa and Stokes went to Mallari's house to have merienda because we celebrated the 48th birthday of Nanay Cathy Mallari. She's my favorite nanay here because she feeds us everytime and in just one text she comes to work with us... =) My companion and sister stokes shared Alma 37:35 to her as a birthday message. It's Alma's counsel to his son Helaman to "learn wisdom in youth"... It was a good message. I pondered about it and I realized that we are all YOUTH. Because in eternal perspective, all of us are in the MIDDLE of the eternity. =) We are all in between of the premortal life and eternal life.. And it's never too late for each one of us to learn, because ALL OF US are still in the process of learning to become like Him. =)

3. The group pictures attached were just taken this morning. My companion and I spent our PDAY with the North Zone. We jogged for 30 minutes and mingled with the North Sisters. =) It was soooo fun.. (I haven't taken a bath though.. Malayo kasi apartment namin... It would take us 30-40 minutes ride for us to get there. So we will just take a bath mamayang gabi nalang)..

4. The sister missionary in the photo at the top wearing pink shirt is Sister Ragasa. I had the opportunity to be with her the 2nd time on exchanges. =) She is a good friend of mine. She is also a CPA, and I hope and I pray that we will be working in the same company after our mission life. (She going home on Dec 30) Pero sa ngayon we still have both our feet planted in the mission field. =)

5. I have also a picture of my companion holding our area book. She is sooooooo hardworking. We teach at least 50 lessons each week and find 20 new investigators each week. Our companionship is getting better and bettter and better each and everyday. She is the besssssssst! At first, both of were just shy with each other but now we talk with each other openly and more frequently. In fact these past few days she has been cracking jokes.

Do you remember President Anggoy? One of the counselors in Davao Mission Presidency before who was at the same time the Gen San Institute Director.. So President Angoy gave a talk last Sunday in our sacrament meeting. My companion really liked it so in our companionship study the next day, she shared what she liked in the talk. But then she couldn't remember what is President Anggoy's name.. So she said,, "President Unggoy".

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Okay tama na..

You mentioned about umbrella. So, I have not been using umbrella since my Nanay Crystal went home. =) I do not know why I like the sun now. We walk 12nn to 9pm in Tuguegarao and the heat is tolerable. Remember the Nivea Sunblock we bought before I was set apart? Hindi pa ubos. =) 

I have been reading the book of mormon (from the start) again.. I think this is the 8th time I read from the start while in the mission field. And with those 8 times, I never was able to finish reading..... I usually call the people who never finish reading the BOM as members of "1 Nephi Club". So I think it reasonable to say that I am their Club President. Heehehehe..

I just started 2 days ago, and I am now in 2 Nephi 4. In less than 15 days, I'll be able to finish it, we'll seee.

So 2015 is going to end in few weeks.. What are your goals for 2016? I hope that includes reading the Book of Mormon everyday, and going through the temple (with me)

I love you all.
And I love being a missionary!

Please be always happy!

16 news

I am just grateful the Lord assigned me in this wonderful area filled with wonderful people with a diligent companion. The work has been great this week (and it will get better and better as the week will pass by). Finding at least 16 new investigators each week (and of course following up on them) is one of my companion and I's favorite things to do! It's one of the secrets of a "never punted missionary". Because when you get punted at one, you have at least 15 back-ups. Even if we are punted 10 times, we still have at least 5 back-ups!

Aside from finding and teaching people, talking openly and more frequently is also now one of my favorite things to with my companion. Aaaaah... I love my companion sooo muuuccch. She is the best!! I am grateful for the opportunity to be with her for 2 cycles, she's a best friend.

I hope and I pray that in this last cycle of the year, I will be able to give Him ALLLL that I've got for all the people here in Tuguegarao.

Will you help me pray for that?! Please thank you!

I love being a missionary!

Lunes, Nobyembre 16, 2015

You don't know who's ready

We had a great week! My hardworking companion and I find at least 16 new investigators and teach at least 50 lessons each week, with or without conducting companion exchanges. The more we find, the more lessons we teach. Just as what the PMG says. "nothing happens to missionary work until we find someone to teach"

Friday, I had the opportunity to be with Sister Arganosa, and we had a lot of spiritual fun! We taught 10 lessons and  found 3 new investigators. I love Sister Argonosa SOOOOOOO MUUUUCCCH. She is so good at teaching and she has this natural gift that she could connect to people so quick.

I think my favorite miracle of this week is Tatay Hipolito. We just met him through tracting in Rizal last week or so. I couldn't really remember when we met him; our first lesson with him was not that memorable. All throughout the lesson, he had his head bowed down that it seemed like he wasn't listening at all.  I thought we did a poor job in teaching him. Although my companion and I were grateful we met him and were able to teach him, we thought that we would NEVER come and teach him, again.

But that's what we just thought.

Saturday this week, we were punted for so many times that Heavenly Father brought us again to Rizal Street. While we were walking down the streets, we surprisingly saw Tatay Hipolito in front of their house (which rarely happens. He was sitting reading a pamphlet from another faith. I said "Hi Taataaaay!!!!!". He looked up and then we asked him how he was. He said he was fine. And I was so surprised with myself when I asked him, "Could we teach you right now?".. He agreed, and while he was getting some chairs for us to sit in I was asking myself why I asked him if we could teach him when in fact we already dropped him..

So we taught him........... 

AND........ IT WAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL RESTORATION LESSON I EVER HAD IN MY WHOLE MISSION. We found out he read the whole pamphlet including the list of definitions at the back and he understood everything. He understood who is Joseph Smith and what is his role in the restoration. He understood what is priesthood and ohhhhhhh myyyyy gooooooodnessss I want to cry right now.

I love Tatay Hipolito so much. He taught me a lot. I have learned that 1. I can never really judge who's ready or not. 2. The Spirit is the true teacher, not me. 3. The Lord will bring us in places where He needs us, we just need to be worthy and responsive to the Spirit... 

.....and the list goes on.

I really hope and pray that someday ... Tatay Hipolito, Tatay Carmona, Tatay Romeo will receive the gospel just like Tatay George. I do not know why, but my love for Tatay Investigators are different. Maybe because inside me I am also hoping and praying that my Tatay Acosta will receive the gospel as well. I know that as long as stay true and faithful, everything will take care of itself. I know He is in charge, And I know that He loves each of His child more than I do and I can comprehend.

I hope I could write more. But I think this would suffice.
My time is running out. My mission time is running out as well.
I hope and pray for an increased strength and faith to do all the He requires me to do.
I do not know why I feel like crying right now.. I'm just grateful..

I. Love. Being. A. Missionary.........

Lunes, Nobyembre 9, 2015

Some Balancing

This is such a wonderful area, filled with wonderful people.  The ward have become more supportive: We had 16 member present lessons this week. I just love this ward, so much... And it would be okay with me if I would end my mission in this area. (I am totally alright with 2 areas, I promise. I am totally fine here... Promise)

My BOM study with a question, "How Can I Become A Consecrated Missionary?"... has beeeeen soooo greaaaat. I have been studying King Benjamin's address of "do-things-in-wisdom-and-order".. I've learned, by experience, that the more I am balanced, the more resources I have to meet the demands of life. I have learned by experience that I have greater receptiveness to spiritual truths as I strive to keep things in wisdom and order. 

A balanced missionary, is a hastening missionary..

I love being a hastening missionary!!!!!!!!!

Zone Picture with Elder and Sister Schwitzer!

Lunes, Nobyembre 2, 2015

Mission Tour

This has been a wonderful week! Wednesday, my companion and I woke up very early that as I was trying to hit the alarm off at 2:45am, I fell from my bed and my face hit the floor. My mouth got a bruise, but the pain was tolerable! We were sooo sleepy that morning but we need to get up very early because we need to be in Cauayan at 7am to meet Elder and Sister Schwitzer -- a member of the Seventy! I will talk more of it in the later part of this letter. :)

My companion and I had a thought last night. Since we need to find 16 new investigators to get 1 baptism, we thought about finding 16 new investigators each week to get weekly baptisms. We are averaging 15 - 20 new investigators for the past weeks, so let us see! And to avoid being an "activity driven missionary", applying what we have learned in the mission tour would help us become more of a "purpose driven" one.

I really loved what Elder Schwitzer taught about asking people how they feel about a "question of a soul" instead of waiting for them to ask! In the past cycles of my mission, I have learned (by experience) how important questions are! Questions saved my soul! Without questions feels like going to a dinner appointment with a stomach full. You do not want to eat anything (no matter how delicious the food are), because you are already full.  So "creating curiosity" is one of the skills I'd like to develop for the rest of my life.

The work has been great. Angel (Investigator) came to church yesterday with her LA dad. Seeing them yesterday filled my heart with so much love and happiness. It made me miss my family, but I know the blessings of serving full-time mission will be consecrated to them. I am grateful for my companion. She's very hardworking! I am blessed by her example. I am beyond grateful.

I love being a missionary!

Apo Allen, Anak Maroket, and LOLA  ACOSTA-- where all good genes come from :) Haha!