Lunes, Mayo 2, 2016

Last but not the Least

This week has been a roller coaster ride. One of these days has been one of the most challenging moments to me as a missionary. I hope and pray that before my mission ends, my companion and I would be able to achieve our goal. I know that as we prayerfully do this, and work hand-in-hand with the branch, things will work out. I think challenges really happen BEFORE and AFTER a very spiritual experience -- like having an amazing zone conference, and investigators receiving answers to their prayers. I have been studying pre-emptive and counter-attacks in the scriptures and in the words of latter-day prophets. I have learned that I can gradually train my eyes as well as my mind and spirit to recognize those "attacks", even the smallest one.

It is such a wonderful gift having Sister Martinez in my last days as a missionary. She is just perfect. How can I deserve a companion like her? Her desire to give everything for this work shows in her countenance. She's one of the most beautiful persons that I know. She is the best. 

Work has been amazing. We have regular branch coordination meeting now. And this week, my companion and I will be working with the RS. Jesus said " The kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven".. we can be that yeast to help the whole mass raise by our influence. 

Brother Marlon received the answer to his prayers and knows this is true. This work is really amazing. The God of Israel leads! It has been glorious 18 months. And what a privilege it is to work, not just with the third member of Godhead, but with the very Son of God Himself. I hope and pray for the strength, to have both of my feet firmly planted in the field, both hands tightly grasped on the plough, never looking back, until the work is finished.

Can you feel the fire burning?

I love being a missionary!