Lunes, Marso 30, 2015

Go to Tangcul

The past week was a roller coaster ride.

Nanay Morales, the wife of Tatay George doesn't want to listen to us anymore. And then the Cacal Family, the family we met along the streets stopped going to church because Tatay Cacal found a job in Cauayan and Nanay Cacal got a job in Centro.

Of course, I am sad. But at the same time I do not want to be discouraged. Discouragement is Satan's tool so we could not reach our potentials. After all, we still had a happy and joyous week!

Nanay Lilibeth Turqueza (LA) attended the church for 3 consecutive Sundays already!! If I could just properly describe how we were led to Nanay's house, I would!

It was during my first Friday night with Sister Berganio, we were planning for tomorrow, and I didn't know where to go. And so after kneeling and asking for His help where to go, we were looking at this list of baranggays and I had this prompting to go to Tangcul. I told myself I do not want to go to Tangcul because Sister Crystal and I haven't found much success in that baranggay. But the prompting became stronger and more distinct like "GO TO TANGCUL." And so I wrote it down on my planner. And when tomorrow came, I wanted to adjust our plan. I wanted to go to a DIFFERENT baranggay instead of what was planned. But the prompting became more stronger and clearer to me.

I know you've felt something similar. I couldn't describe the feeling but I know you know what I am talking about -- it's like a powerful voice that my ears didn't hear but there was a voice telling me to go to Tangcul. And so okay, we went to to Tangcul! We found Nanay Lilibeth who was hesitant at first. Taught Lesson 1 Principle 1. We did nothing special; we just told her the truth. And there, she cried and cried and told us to teach her everyday and all the things she needs to know!!

And now, she's going to church. And she's telling us of all the miralces happening in her life: how the Lord provides fare for them so she could go to church, how she's feeling better, and such! And now whenever we come and visit her, we find her reading the scriptures! We also started teaching her niece (a former investigator) and her 2 grandchildren and the 3 of them got baptismal dates on May 2!

It's true! The Holy Ghost will help us in every aspect of the work! (PMG, 90)

I love being a missionary!

My first pakbet!

Lunes, Marso 23, 2015

The Preparatory Priesthood

So last week, we went to Cauayan to get Sister Berganio's call (she'll be serving in Philippines Butuan Mission!) and then we had splits with the STLs! Even though we were out of our area for 2 days, we still had a god work. We just hope and pray that we would be able to help Vanessa, Genalyn, and Rosario be prepared for their baptism on the 18th!

Anyway, during my language study last week, I was reading President Eyring's talk "The Preparatory Priesthood". And I love it so much. Although it was made for the priesthood, I find it perfectly written for me. It talks about how the senior priesthood companion help the Aaronic priesthood companion in fulfilling their priesthood duties. In his talk, I have learned the principle of trust and love for junior companions.

As a preparation for Sister Berganio's mission in Butuan, we study and practice teaching skills during our companion study. Sister Berganio is getting better in asking questions, using the scriptures, HTBTs, and such. And we are now getting better with switching in teaching appointments. I'm learning a lot from her too.

I am learning so much in my mission. I am grateful for the privilege He has given me to be His missionary.

He loves us all, and I love being His missionary!

I do not know what is this, but it stays in our bedroom.

Sister Berganio, opening her mission call!

Lunes, Marso 16, 2015

Hastening means being more organized.

I am so happy that I am part-time training Sister Berganio as a missionary. On the other hand, I am also happy that she's part-time tarining me to become a homemaker, wife, and a mother!

Lest I be misunderstood, I want to make it clear that I am not trunky. I love being a missionary and I cherish every moment of it. It is just that I have never cooked for someone so frequesnt as this. Fir the last cycles, I just eat bread and any food that doesn't require much cooking because I'd rather study than cook or eat.

But for now, since my "part-time daughter" needs "real and healthy" foods, I need to cook for her. So I made it a goal to cook for my companion and future companions every lunch to show my love for them.

Anyway, Elaiza and Garry (children of Tatay George) were already baptized and confirmed! Nany Virginia attended their baptism and hopefully, she's the next one! We also extended baptism to Vanessa and Rosario (beautiful young women like Sister Berganio). They are both from part-member families and they've been consistent in attending church.

This week, we used the ward directory to find the less actives and it has been of great help both for the LAs and in contacting/finding new investigators. We ask someone along the street to help us find the LA and then share to him/her our unique message and then invite to act! It's hitting two birds with one stone!

We are also planning to extend baptism to Genalyn Mateo. She's been CONSISTENTLY going to church for more or less than 6 months, but she has been dropped by the missionaries since she wasn't responding questions when teaching her.

The young women president of the ward asked us to teach her, again, and so we did. And yes! She's responding to the questions and her understanding of the doctrine has improved. Teaching for understanding (that even a child could understand) is really really necessary. She's 12 and we would be teaching her mom too!

This week, I have learned that in order for us to use time fully and wisely, we should have balanced goals. This week, we really followed the schedule. I love it when I end the day writing journals. I don't believe that missionaries don't have time to have language study, eat lunch, or write on area book, or write on journal, and still reaching the standards of excellence.

Balanced and more organized schedule helps me become more effective missionary.
Hastening means being more organized.

I love being a balanced and organized missionary!

I love being a hastening missionary!

With the Morales Family. For Garry and Elaiza's baptism.

Lunes, Marso 9, 2015

"... it will always be an upward hill."

So it’s kind of ironic to tell you that this has been my favorite cycle even though it has been a very trying journey for me.  I won’t deny the fact that there were times that I wanna go home, or call the mission president during a teaching appointment and ask for an emergency transfer. (I’m not kidding! I am serious!!)

This cycle, though short, has made a big impact to me in all and in every aspect of my life.

 I feel I’ve come closer to Heavenly Father and our Savior more than ever. I’ve learned to trust Him when things don’t go the way I expect them to happen. One of the weaknesses I had been carrying for years is that I tend to worry A LOT just about how to do my very best in every detail of everything. I had overcome it before I went to mission. Until, I started worrying again. I worried for my companion. I worried whether I had done the best that I could in every teaching appointment. I worried whether an hour each day is enough for me to prepare for all the lessons for the day. I worried whether our investigators read the scriptures, pray, go to church and such. I work and work and work and study and study and study. Until my strength of working too hard became one of my weaknesses, AGAIN.

In this cycle, especially the last weeks.. I have felt the Spirit more as I trust Him that He is aware of everything that’s happening. I learned to trust that this is His work and His desire to help me succeed is undoubted and His capacity to do so is INFINITE. I have learned that there there’s a BIG difference between anxiously engaged and overanxious and thus under engaged. I’ve learned that there’s difference between Hastening the work of salvation with Rushing it!

PHYSICAL: As I learned to trust Him, I feel that my pimples are clearing up now. J

MENTAL: I feel that my teaching skills and planning skills (if that makes sense) have improved! Thanks to Sister Solis!

SOCIAL: I have learned how to BRT like Ammon. I wash clothes, and such and such and such.. Looking for opportunities to serve. (Look! We got 20 member present lessons even if we took time to serve others, not just teaching! Short and powerful lessons are the best!) And yup! I am more courageous now.

Just like the Savior, I have increased in wisdom, stature, in favour with God, and with men. (Luke 2:52)

If I didn’t serve full-time mission, I wouldn’t experience the trials and challenges that helped me overcome my weakness and become a better person.

13 more months! I know it’s not going to be easy, but as long as I stay on the right path, it will always be an upward hill.

I love being a missionary!

PS: Elaiza and Garry (children of Tatay George will be baptized this 14th). Excited!

After our ward correlation meeting :)

Outside our apartment.

District meeting

I love this ward.

Lunes, Marso 2, 2015

I Love Vanessa!!! And I Love This Awesome Ward!!

This week has been great. It was not difficult for us to have member lessons (we got 16!)  because we focused on teaching part-member families. And I am so happy, because one of them, Vanessa Santiago -- the one that I have loved since I got in this area--finally got an answer to her prayer when she asked God whether the message of restoration is true!! And it's a YES!! She got a feeling that she couldn't describe!

I am so happy! Like, I have been praying for this young woman ever since I met her. I do not know why, but my love for young women is so different. It's like I want to tell her "You know what, I've been there. I know how it feels like to be at your age. I know all the pressure and confusion that surrounds you. But just listen to us. Do what we ask you to do. You'll be safe."

So she went to church twice, even without the insistence of her mom and brother. And all the beautiful young women of this awesome ward came to visit her yesterday! She's no longer shy! And I love her so much!