Lunes, Nobyembre 16, 2015

You don't know who's ready

We had a great week! My hardworking companion and I find at least 16 new investigators and teach at least 50 lessons each week, with or without conducting companion exchanges. The more we find, the more lessons we teach. Just as what the PMG says. "nothing happens to missionary work until we find someone to teach"

Friday, I had the opportunity to be with Sister Arganosa, and we had a lot of spiritual fun! We taught 10 lessons and  found 3 new investigators. I love Sister Argonosa SOOOOOOO MUUUUCCCH. She is so good at teaching and she has this natural gift that she could connect to people so quick.

I think my favorite miracle of this week is Tatay Hipolito. We just met him through tracting in Rizal last week or so. I couldn't really remember when we met him; our first lesson with him was not that memorable. All throughout the lesson, he had his head bowed down that it seemed like he wasn't listening at all.  I thought we did a poor job in teaching him. Although my companion and I were grateful we met him and were able to teach him, we thought that we would NEVER come and teach him, again.

But that's what we just thought.

Saturday this week, we were punted for so many times that Heavenly Father brought us again to Rizal Street. While we were walking down the streets, we surprisingly saw Tatay Hipolito in front of their house (which rarely happens. He was sitting reading a pamphlet from another faith. I said "Hi Taataaaay!!!!!". He looked up and then we asked him how he was. He said he was fine. And I was so surprised with myself when I asked him, "Could we teach you right now?".. He agreed, and while he was getting some chairs for us to sit in I was asking myself why I asked him if we could teach him when in fact we already dropped him..

So we taught him........... 

AND........ IT WAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL RESTORATION LESSON I EVER HAD IN MY WHOLE MISSION. We found out he read the whole pamphlet including the list of definitions at the back and he understood everything. He understood who is Joseph Smith and what is his role in the restoration. He understood what is priesthood and ohhhhhhh myyyyy gooooooodnessss I want to cry right now.

I love Tatay Hipolito so much. He taught me a lot. I have learned that 1. I can never really judge who's ready or not. 2. The Spirit is the true teacher, not me. 3. The Lord will bring us in places where He needs us, we just need to be worthy and responsive to the Spirit... 

.....and the list goes on.

I really hope and pray that someday ... Tatay Hipolito, Tatay Carmona, Tatay Romeo will receive the gospel just like Tatay George. I do not know why, but my love for Tatay Investigators are different. Maybe because inside me I am also hoping and praying that my Tatay Acosta will receive the gospel as well. I know that as long as stay true and faithful, everything will take care of itself. I know He is in charge, And I know that He loves each of His child more than I do and I can comprehend.

I hope I could write more. But I think this would suffice.
My time is running out. My mission time is running out as well.
I hope and pray for an increased strength and faith to do all the He requires me to do.
I do not know why I feel like crying right now.. I'm just grateful..

I. Love. Being. A. Missionary.........

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