Lunes, Nobyembre 30, 2015


This week we had the opportunity to conduct companion exchanges with the Enrile B sisters and it has been sooo great! I was with Sister Golong all throughout the day, and that was the best exchanges I ever had in my whole mission life! It was a day filled with miracles! We had 11 effective contacts; we taught 11 powerful lessons (3 of which were lessons to amazing new investigators we just found that day).. Ah! Time is not sufficient for me to tell you how miraculous we met and taught Ping Gumiran. But I think it is sufficient for me to say that finding him gave me a deeper testimony how important it is to plan by the Spirit. Everything starts at "planning by the Spirt"

Before our exchanges, I had heard many good things about Sister Golong. They said, she seemed responsible, she's a good leader, and teaches very welll. I found out for myself that day that THEY ARE ALL RIGHT. She's a talented missionary who teaches boldly yet lovingly. She's amaazzing.

I think aside from the exchanges, my favorite is also was what we have discussed in MLC: The Doctrine of Gratitude. Could I just tell you how much I had been thinking about that doctrine and the ten lepers the day before our MLC (so I was so surprised that's what we talked about).

When Jesus told the 10 lepers to go and visit the priest, ALL of them did. All of them obeyed. But only one of them returned and expressed gratitude to the Savior. 

I just thought  about how a missionary can be obedient, but not expressing gratitude properly to Whom it is due. So I made a "new vision" for myself to be "a consecrated missionary who obtains power through obedience, fervent prayer, hardwork, and gratitude."

Saying prayers during thanksgiving day had been difficult for me because it was that day when we found out that our progressing investigator was taken by the DSWD because she was raped by her father. I couldn't sleep and think very well these past few days because of that.

But no matter how hard and painful things happened this week, I am grateful for the knowledge that the atonement can cover all.

I am grateful I am a missionary.

We woke up very early this morning. It was still dark and we were "hastening" to go to the oval to jog with other sister missionaries. Because of that, I brought the wrong pairs of proselyting shoes. It was so funnnny. I am wearing Nanay Barreo's sandals right now. She let me borrow hers.

The next two pictures was taken yesterday at church. Marilou Indong and her daughter Annamarie. Indong Family is one of my favorite investigators in Tuguegarao. I just hope and pray that they will be sealed in the temple, a year from now (or whenever the Lord sees fit it would be).

And I also know that someday, our family will be sealed in the temple as well. I do not know when. But I know it will. I love you!

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