Lunes, Disyembre 28, 2015

Skypes and Goodbyes

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

It was a great time skyping with my family on Christmas day. So I was not able to see my father because my mom told me that he was in our farm, working. She told me that my father has not been drinking alcohol as much as he had been doing before. Heavenly Father truly hears and answers prayers, in His own perfect time and way.

I know with all my heart that my decision to serve as a full-time missionary was not an accident. Seeing others receive the blessings of living the restored gospel of Jesus Christ is one of the greatest blessings I will ever receive in this life. And looking back, I am amazed how much I have also grown in faith, testimony, and in every aspect of my life because of the experiences I had in the mission. And I would not trade them with anything else.

About the work, it has been great! Tatay Oni came to church yesterday. He was the one we met through tracting. He was the investigator I immediately dropped just after our first teaching appointment. And until now, I amazed how we were miraculously led back to his house to teach him again. He is progressing. And the Indong Family accepted our invitation to be baptized. I hope and pray for the best for these people and to my amazing, diligent, and intelligent companion. They will be forever in my heart.

I am excited for my new area, new companion, and new people to love with all my heart this new year. Old things are done away, and all things have become new. I love being a missionary!

Well I am sorry. I know this lumpia that I cooked looks scary.
But my companion said it is masarap.

Zone Activity!

Tatay Oni!

Lunes, Disyembre 21, 2015


So Sister Jamaica wasn't able to attend sacrament meeting yesterday because she was sick. So we do not know now. We hope and pray that this wouldn't hinder her from entering the waters of baptism this coming 26th. I hope and pray that everything will work out this week. His will be done.

I have been through some real introspection this past week. I feel that I will be transferred this coming 30th and I do not know why but I feel that I have not been making any difference in this area. I see no visible results. Have I done all that was required of me? What could have I done more? Is there something I should have done better? What more can I do?

My companion shared a beautiful and inspiring sacrament talk yesterday. She shared Ether 12:27 as a formula for achieving our goals/resolutions this new year. I know that as I regularly check on myself and recognize my areas of vulnerability, I recognize a chance for divine influence. I hope and pray for wisdom and strength for things He requires me to do. "Help me give my all", is my prayer.

We conducted spilts at Penablanca last wednesday. Their area is really big and has plenty of beautiful and humble people, willing to learn of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I was with Sister Flores and it was a wonderful time to reflect on my relationship to the Lord, to my responsibility, and to the people I serve..

Nika, Beth, and Michael came to church yesterday. But the Indong Family was not able to come to church because they are on a christmas vacation. But I am grateful that this investigator family enjoyed the ward christmas party. They told us that the night after the party, they all slept late because for the whole night, they just talked with each other about how much they enjoyed the ward party. Ooooh, if only they know how much blessings they'll enjoy if they'll accept and live the gospel. Ooohh I hope I can see them again. And I hope and pray that I'll be ableto see them dressed in white (twice), even just in pictures.

I love this area. I love these people. I love my companion. I love the Lord. I love His work. And I love being a missionary!

My companion's idea of giving little tootsie rolls to everyone. :)

Lunes, Disyembre 14, 2015

Some slooow moootion and some hastening

This week was a miracle. My companion and I thought we wouldn't be able to have 70 lessons this week because of Christmas devotionals. But God has always been good,  we were so surprised we still had 71 lessons and 105 contacts!

Yesterday in our ward council meeting, our bishop asked how were we able to teach so many lessons in a week, and in all honesty we said "We do not know".. My companion and I really don't know what's happening in this area. Blessings just fall into our hands and we acknowledge that it's Him who is leading this mission, area, and our companionship. And I am beyond grateful for having such a wonderful area with a wonderful companion. She is amazing!!

I had the opportunity to go on exchanges with Sister Garcia this week. We taught 14 lessons and contacted 16 times. Sister Garcia is bold and fearless (and so loving) just like her trainer Sister Manosig. There are a lot of miracles happening in their area. I am certain that their ward could see their hastening example that's why they get so many referrals from them. Their companionship is exemplary!

Yesterday has been great. Marianika, Joy, and Ivy came to church. But I think my favorite part is when Heavenly Father answered our prayers that Jamaica would come to church. Jamaica has been an investigator since March 2015. Her baptismal dates have been moved more or less 10 times because of her inconsistent sacrament attendance and the like. She would just come to church if her RC/LA cousin would come. And yesterday was the "last sunday" for her to come to church so she can be baptized before the year ends. Could I just tell you how much I had been so nervous yesterday because the opening hymn at the sacrament meeting had begun and she had not yet come. But when I opened my eyes after the opening prayer, I saw her enter the sacrament hall with her nonmember grandmother.. Aaaaah!!!! It felt like everything around me stopped moving while she was walking at the sacrament hall. Everything just went in sloooooooowwwww motion..

Sister Jamaica is amazing! Even though her cousin didn't come to church, she came! She is such an inspiration! And... the Indong Family is getting strong as well. I do not know when will they be baptized, but I have the strongest feelings that I can see them sealed in the temple someday.

Miracles are happening but I know that the more we rely on Him, we could do a lot more.

We love you and sustain you! Happy Birthday!

I love being a missionary!

Christmas devo with my batchmates!

Merry Christmas!!

Lunes, Disyembre 7, 2015

I love Sister Earl

Almost a year ago, I thought 70 contacts per week is impossible. But guess what happened this week . . .  the God of Israel who leads this mission helped me and my companion teach 74 lessons! Yes, 74 lessons and 104 contacts!

Aah. What a privilege it is to be assigned in such a wonderful area with very loving and supportive ward members! Tuguegarao members are like the the members in Alinguigan who calls and volunteers themselves to work with us! Aaah. I love this area with all my heart!

Exchanges with Sister Earl this week was amazing. We taught 10 lessons and had 12 effective contacts in one day. I am just amazed how God truly answers our prayers if we will just ask, seek, and knock. Our first lesson that day was so memorable. Sister Earl and I taught the Articulo family about the restoration . . . and the Spirit was so strong that Sister Earl and I hugged each other really really tight while walking to our next appontment. Sister Earl is such an amazing missionary with a lot of potentials. She's really smart. In fact, she had received many compliments from our investigators about her tagalog communication skills. I promise. I love Sister Earl so much, and I could see how many miracles she can do in this mission ... 

Book of Mormon is amazing! I had never had so many investigators read, ponder, and pray the book of mormon as much as I do now. Questions really are healthy! I am amazed how the same chapters of book of mormon could answer our investigators and LAs' questions like: "How can I live longer to serve God?", "How can I help my family be back to church?", "How can I receive further enlightenment?" ...

and I am still enjoying feasting the book of mormon with the question: "How can I become a consecrated missionary?"

I am just grateful for the privilege to see His hands working in these people lives.

It is true. Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers.

I love being a missionary!

That is Sister Earl praying over there. And yes, I have been wearing contact lenses on some days for the past few months. :)

But on some days, I wear my eyeglasses too! Haha.