Lunes, Nobyembre 23, 2015

Dear Mamang

I just read your email. Why are you sad? =) Be of good cheer,  I am in good hands. Actually, everything gets better here. I will not be transferred till Dec 30.. I will be spending Christmas with the all the beautiful and generous people of Tuguegarao..

This week has been great (as you can see with my photos)

So for the story:

1. I received a package again from my Nanay Crystal all the way from Utah. 90% of my package and pouches are from her. She gave me a mug (with our pictures printed on it) plus some chocolate mix... and sobrang masarap! :) I am just grateful Heavenly Father gave me wonderful Nanay Crystal. She trained me very well. She is well-known in the mission field as the "diligent missionary"..

At the same time, I am grateful I got you as my mamang. YOU ARE THE BEST AND NO ONE CAN EVER REPLACE YOU.

2. Speaking of Nanay... during one of these days, my companion and I together with Sister Ragasa and Stokes went to Mallari's house to have merienda because we celebrated the 48th birthday of Nanay Cathy Mallari. She's my favorite nanay here because she feeds us everytime and in just one text she comes to work with us... =) My companion and sister stokes shared Alma 37:35 to her as a birthday message. It's Alma's counsel to his son Helaman to "learn wisdom in youth"... It was a good message. I pondered about it and I realized that we are all YOUTH. Because in eternal perspective, all of us are in the MIDDLE of the eternity. =) We are all in between of the premortal life and eternal life.. And it's never too late for each one of us to learn, because ALL OF US are still in the process of learning to become like Him. =)

3. The group pictures attached were just taken this morning. My companion and I spent our PDAY with the North Zone. We jogged for 30 minutes and mingled with the North Sisters. =) It was soooo fun.. (I haven't taken a bath though.. Malayo kasi apartment namin... It would take us 30-40 minutes ride for us to get there. So we will just take a bath mamayang gabi nalang)..

4. The sister missionary in the photo at the top wearing pink shirt is Sister Ragasa. I had the opportunity to be with her the 2nd time on exchanges. =) She is a good friend of mine. She is also a CPA, and I hope and I pray that we will be working in the same company after our mission life. (She going home on Dec 30) Pero sa ngayon we still have both our feet planted in the mission field. =)

5. I have also a picture of my companion holding our area book. She is sooooooo hardworking. We teach at least 50 lessons each week and find 20 new investigators each week. Our companionship is getting better and bettter and better each and everyday. She is the besssssssst! At first, both of were just shy with each other but now we talk with each other openly and more frequently. In fact these past few days she has been cracking jokes.

Do you remember President Anggoy? One of the counselors in Davao Mission Presidency before who was at the same time the Gen San Institute Director.. So President Angoy gave a talk last Sunday in our sacrament meeting. My companion really liked it so in our companionship study the next day, she shared what she liked in the talk. But then she couldn't remember what is President Anggoy's name.. So she said,, "President Unggoy".

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Okay tama na..

You mentioned about umbrella. So, I have not been using umbrella since my Nanay Crystal went home. =) I do not know why I like the sun now. We walk 12nn to 9pm in Tuguegarao and the heat is tolerable. Remember the Nivea Sunblock we bought before I was set apart? Hindi pa ubos. =) 

I have been reading the book of mormon (from the start) again.. I think this is the 8th time I read from the start while in the mission field. And with those 8 times, I never was able to finish reading..... I usually call the people who never finish reading the BOM as members of "1 Nephi Club". So I think it reasonable to say that I am their Club President. Heehehehe..

I just started 2 days ago, and I am now in 2 Nephi 4. In less than 15 days, I'll be able to finish it, we'll seee.

So 2015 is going to end in few weeks.. What are your goals for 2016? I hope that includes reading the Book of Mormon everyday, and going through the temple (with me)

I love you all.
And I love being a missionary!

Please be always happy!

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