Lunes, Nobyembre 23, 2015

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I am just grateful the Lord assigned me in this wonderful area filled with wonderful people with a diligent companion. The work has been great this week (and it will get better and better as the week will pass by). Finding at least 16 new investigators each week (and of course following up on them) is one of my companion and I's favorite things to do! It's one of the secrets of a "never punted missionary". Because when you get punted at one, you have at least 15 back-ups. Even if we are punted 10 times, we still have at least 5 back-ups!

Aside from finding and teaching people, talking openly and more frequently is also now one of my favorite things to with my companion. Aaaaah... I love my companion sooo muuuccch. She is the best!! I am grateful for the opportunity to be with her for 2 cycles, she's a best friend.

I hope and I pray that in this last cycle of the year, I will be able to give Him ALLLL that I've got for all the people here in Tuguegarao.

Will you help me pray for that?! Please thank you!

I love being a missionary!

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