Lunes, Setyembre 28, 2015

Happy Family Week!

Dear loved ones,

This week has been great. We had companionship exchanges with the Ward 1 Sisters. I had the opportunity to be with Sister Ragasa all throughout the day. Sister Ragasa is such a wonderful sister missionary, who is so talented, and very very very beautiful inside-and-out. She is so good in teaching, she asks inspired questions, she teaches people (not lessons)! She personalizes every scripture according to needs. She connects people to heaven!  I love sister Ragasa so much. I consider her as one of my life's dearest friends!

The next day, we had companionship exchanges with the San Gabriel Sisters. I have learned so much that day. As usual, we did some accounting to these two sisters before we began the exchange. I was kind of worried during the accounting because it was almost an hour and we were still doing the accounting. I was freaking out inside because I was afraid we would be late in our plans during the day. I was trying to give signals to my companion so that we would end the accounting and so we could start working, but my companion knows better. Later on, during the accounting ... the sisters opened up that they had problems with their companionship... That it almost took us three-long-hours to do the accounting and fixing the problem. We were late in lunch, in our companionship study, but the day went great! You know why... Because their companionship got mended! :)

I have learned so much from this experience. My companion, Sister Hamblin... told me how important companionship is --- that even in the missionary white handbook, "companionship" has the longest article in it. Because when there is contention, the Spirit of the Lord will depart, regardless of who is at fault.

The same with our relationships with our family. “So much in life is extraneous, [but] … the family is the real thing, the substantial thing, the eternal thing; the thing to watch over and care for and be loyal to."  Carla Carlisle

Happy Family Week!  I love you all and I love being a missionary!

Cute primaries wanting to be YSAs. My gulay!

Sister Honey and family went to church!

My anak and I.. 3 months later

PS: Wednesday, I saw my anak Sister Maroket!!!! I had not seen her for 3-long-months already.... so we just both cried while we hugged each other really really tight just as how we cried and hugged each other really really tight the day when she was born! And I received a good news! My baby girl is no longer a baby girl because my anak, Sister Maroket will be training a new missionary!! That means my anak is expecting an anak! That means, I am already a LOLAAAAAAAA!! Lola na ako! Lola na ako! Ako pinakabatang Lola sa mission!! Hahaha!! Oh, what a wonderful family week together with my anak!!

Lunes, Setyembre 21, 2015

Wise as Serpents, Harmless as Doves, Sweet as Honey!

This week, we were able to find a new investigator. She is Sister Honey, and she is as sweet as her name, Honey! Last Saturday, she cried when we gave her a copy of book of mormon.. And she asked us one of the most inspired questions an investigator can ask: "Can I be baptized in your church??" Of course, we said yes!!! And we extended baptismal date!! We love her so much!

Tuesday, I had the opportunity to be with Sister Turley, and we had wonderful experiences which includes being sent as "sheeps in the midst of wolves".. and just as how the Savior taught, we tried to be wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. We expressed our love to the investigator who shouted to us many times. Which caused her countenance change, and she even said "love you" to us many times. Hahaha. It's true, love soften hearts.

Thursday, we had zone conference!!! Sister Hamblin and I taught one of the workshops. Basta, yun na yun. Hahaha! At syempre, pagkain ulit. Kaya lang hindi ako masyadong kumain.

I love my companion so much. I love having companionship study with her everyday. I feel like I am a new missionary who is on a companion exchange with an STL everyday I am with her.

And I love the book of mormon so much. It is true that this book tells what men must do to gain peace in this life. I am finding so much peace and happiness as I study it everyday. It brings so much comfort and peace to me knowing that He lives, and I know that because of the book of mormon.

I know that my Redeemer lives, and He loves me perfectly.

I love being His missionary!

Our dinner.

Lunes, Setyembre 14, 2015

A for Attitude.

Dear Family,

How are you all doing? I haven't heard any news from all of you. I wonder how's Sister Acosta II? Was she able to make it to the NAIA? Was she able to report to MTC and go through the temple?? How is she right now? Sister Acosta II, how are youuuuuu..

Hahaha. This week has been pretty much loaded. Last monday and today, my companion and I ate to Chowking with Nanay Barreo. So this happens every monday: Nanay Barreo feeds us in a fast food restaurant! 🙌 So I love Nanay Barreo so much. She's the wife of the first bishop in this ward. Nanay Barreo had some very difficult experiences in the past. Very difficult. And when I say VERY DIFFICULT, it doesn't just mean poverty.  She had finished grade 3. But because she is very sweet, loving, and kind (and beautiful), Tatay Barreo married her. Tatay Barreo is a police and a baranggay official who has graduated from Law. :) I love Tatay Barreo as well. He looks like Lolo Moding and jokes like Lolo Moding din. We visit them twice or thrice a week (and they feed us each and everytime, that's why I am getting fat, not to mention our nightly dinner with other members 😂).. Anyway, Tatay is now 70+ but still very active in the church. He speaks English so well (because, yup.. He's a law graduate).. Nanay and Tatay Barreo is special to my heart. They are a living witness to me of what it truly means to love unconditionally.

Tuesday, Sister Hmablin and I taught two zone meetings in Tuguegarao South and Tuguegarao North Zones. (We teach zone meetings once a month until I will get released to this calling as an STL). We taught about Attitude, how it is the magic key to everything. So we shared this little poem to the missionaries:

Today was the absolute worst day ever
And don't try to convince me that
There's something good in everyday
Because, when you take a closer look,
This world is a pretty evil place
Even if
Some goodness does shine through once in a while
Satisfaction and happiness dont last
And it is not true that
It's all in the mind and heart
True happiness can be obtained
Only if one's surroundings are good
It is not true that good exists
I am sure you can agree that
The reality
My attitude
It's all beyond my control
And you'll never in a million years hear me say that
Today was a good day

Now read them upwards.

Read them upwards!

And you will see the magic!

See? Sometimes, two persons can see once situation differently. But it's all in the attitude. Oh my gulay. Can I just tell you that sometimes it is not easy to be a missionary in a city, because everyone is so busy. And, and, I have never been panted and rejected ever in my whole life (only in Tuguegarao!) But what did our Savior say? "Blessed are those who are persecuted in my name's sake".. So imagine how many times I was rejected (and uhmm, persecuted?) for this sacred calling I have  ... that is the same amount of blessings I will claim from Him! 🙌🙌 Yuhoo. It's all in the ATTITUDE.

Wednesday, we had companion exchanges with the Enrile A sisters!!! And guess who was my companion that day!!! Sister Clarin!!! Yes, I worked with her in our area, for one day.. AGAIN. I think this is the 4th time I worked with her. And could I just tell you, how much she has improved each and every time? She is so alive-alert-and-enthusiastic in the work. She is even the one who always starts in contacting people on the streets. I think, she could already train (if called upon, in the due time of the Lord). I love her so much! Wednesday was the first time that I laughed and laughed in a companion exchange. Aah, I was not stressed. I love that day so much. And I love Sister Clarin so much.

Friday,  we had no companion exchanges because Sister Tupou was sick. I hope she's okay by now.. But we had very good lessons this week. We used Alma 32, I think 4 times this week. And it is so good and so easy to understand for the LAs and Investigators we have taught. The Spirit was so powerful.

Saturday morning Sister Hamblin and I attended RS Activity of Rescuing the One. It was a wonderful opportunity to us to build relationship and trust to RS, even though only few attended. The lessons were good, and most of the RS less actives we visited came to church yesterday!! So happy!!

So all in all, we had 45 lessons this week and 79 contacts. And even though we did our very very best this week, we only had 1 investigator attended sacrament meeting yesterday. Of course I am sad. But I am not going to let that ruin my motivation to always work hard and do my best. 

I really liked what I have read in a missionary article in a Liahona last night:

"Do your best, your very, very best. Say your prayers and work hard, and leave the harvest to the Lord".

I love being a missionary!!

Zone meeting with the North!

Lunes, Setyembre 7, 2015

Martha, Martha.

First things first! Happy Birthday Mother earth! I am not sure how old are you by now since you celebrate birthday twice a year! I am so happy seeing photos of you! You all look great and wonderful and white! As for me, I am getting really really used with the SUN! I have not been using umbrella since my first area because I always lose it. So, yup. I am one of those tall dark and beautiful women, in the world.

To Sister Acosta II, I am so happy for her. I hope I could write as much as I would like for her right now (advice and etc) but my time is running and I ought to use it wisely. Can you believe I am almost one year in the field? Aaaaah. My heart is racing every time I think of how the clock is racing din! If there are questions she would like to ask about sister-missionary matters or anything under the sun, my INBOX is always open. I'd love to hear from our bunso!

To My Twin Sister, she is so maganda! She's so beautiful and white in her short hair! I hope I could receive an email from her kahit "hello" lang. :p

To my Lola and Papang! How are they? I am hoping I'd finish the letters I am making for all of you.

About my temple recommend, don't you worry about it. Mine is going to expire next year MAY 2016. It is not yet expired. Kaya wag mag alala. I hope mamang is reading the book I gave her... Worrying is bad to your health. It's like committing SLOW suicide. So beware.

So this week has been a wonderfully fully fully loaded week. We were out of our area for almost 2 days for MLC and a very spiritual training with you and Sister Rahlf.

I really loved how we talked about Martha. She's one of my favorite women in the new testament. In fact, whenever I get worried, Sister Berganio (my part-time daughter) would tell me the same words Jesus told Martha

"Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things.."

But only that night, when we turned to the 11th chapter of John, I have come to know Martha better. And I have loved her even more.

As far as I could tell, THIS WEEK HAS BEEN SO WONDEFUL. I am learning so much especially from my companion. She's a good leader and has that A+ Attitude. She is smart and intelligent and organized. She is always happy and always positive and I love her, with all my heart and soul. She has this cheerful and vibrant personality which is so contagious! I love being her companion. She makes me feel excited in every aspect of the work.

Tomorrow, we're going to teach on two zone meetings and we are both excited (I can't believe I am excited. I should be terrified but since my companion is always excited, I can't help but be excited as well).

This morning we prepared for what we are going to share about "attitude" for tomorrow and we have very good feelings about it. We talked about how Jesus said "The kingdom of God is within you". So if any of us are just unhappy or resentful: it is just within our head and heart.

It's all in my mind in my heart. This is exciting. I love being a missionary!


Specialized Training with President and Sister Rahlf. 

With my batchmates@ MLC!!!!! Yahoo!