Lunes, Marso 2, 2015

I Love Vanessa!!! And I Love This Awesome Ward!!

This week has been great. It was not difficult for us to have member lessons (we got 16!)  because we focused on teaching part-member families. And I am so happy, because one of them, Vanessa Santiago -- the one that I have loved since I got in this area--finally got an answer to her prayer when she asked God whether the message of restoration is true!! And it's a YES!! She got a feeling that she couldn't describe!

I am so happy! Like, I have been praying for this young woman ever since I met her. I do not know why, but my love for young women is so different. It's like I want to tell her "You know what, I've been there. I know how it feels like to be at your age. I know all the pressure and confusion that surrounds you. But just listen to us. Do what we ask you to do. You'll be safe."

So she went to church twice, even without the insistence of her mom and brother. And all the beautiful young women of this awesome ward came to visit her yesterday! She's no longer shy! And I love her so much!


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