Lunes, Marso 30, 2015

Go to Tangcul

The past week was a roller coaster ride.

Nanay Morales, the wife of Tatay George doesn't want to listen to us anymore. And then the Cacal Family, the family we met along the streets stopped going to church because Tatay Cacal found a job in Cauayan and Nanay Cacal got a job in Centro.

Of course, I am sad. But at the same time I do not want to be discouraged. Discouragement is Satan's tool so we could not reach our potentials. After all, we still had a happy and joyous week!

Nanay Lilibeth Turqueza (LA) attended the church for 3 consecutive Sundays already!! If I could just properly describe how we were led to Nanay's house, I would!

It was during my first Friday night with Sister Berganio, we were planning for tomorrow, and I didn't know where to go. And so after kneeling and asking for His help where to go, we were looking at this list of baranggays and I had this prompting to go to Tangcul. I told myself I do not want to go to Tangcul because Sister Crystal and I haven't found much success in that baranggay. But the prompting became stronger and more distinct like "GO TO TANGCUL." And so I wrote it down on my planner. And when tomorrow came, I wanted to adjust our plan. I wanted to go to a DIFFERENT baranggay instead of what was planned. But the prompting became more stronger and clearer to me.

I know you've felt something similar. I couldn't describe the feeling but I know you know what I am talking about -- it's like a powerful voice that my ears didn't hear but there was a voice telling me to go to Tangcul. And so okay, we went to to Tangcul! We found Nanay Lilibeth who was hesitant at first. Taught Lesson 1 Principle 1. We did nothing special; we just told her the truth. And there, she cried and cried and told us to teach her everyday and all the things she needs to know!!

And now, she's going to church. And she's telling us of all the miralces happening in her life: how the Lord provides fare for them so she could go to church, how she's feeling better, and such! And now whenever we come and visit her, we find her reading the scriptures! We also started teaching her niece (a former investigator) and her 2 grandchildren and the 3 of them got baptismal dates on May 2!

It's true! The Holy Ghost will help us in every aspect of the work! (PMG, 90)

I love being a missionary!

My first pakbet!

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