Lunes, Marso 16, 2015

Hastening means being more organized.

I am so happy that I am part-time training Sister Berganio as a missionary. On the other hand, I am also happy that she's part-time tarining me to become a homemaker, wife, and a mother!

Lest I be misunderstood, I want to make it clear that I am not trunky. I love being a missionary and I cherish every moment of it. It is just that I have never cooked for someone so frequesnt as this. Fir the last cycles, I just eat bread and any food that doesn't require much cooking because I'd rather study than cook or eat.

But for now, since my "part-time daughter" needs "real and healthy" foods, I need to cook for her. So I made it a goal to cook for my companion and future companions every lunch to show my love for them.

Anyway, Elaiza and Garry (children of Tatay George) were already baptized and confirmed! Nany Virginia attended their baptism and hopefully, she's the next one! We also extended baptism to Vanessa and Rosario (beautiful young women like Sister Berganio). They are both from part-member families and they've been consistent in attending church.

This week, we used the ward directory to find the less actives and it has been of great help both for the LAs and in contacting/finding new investigators. We ask someone along the street to help us find the LA and then share to him/her our unique message and then invite to act! It's hitting two birds with one stone!

We are also planning to extend baptism to Genalyn Mateo. She's been CONSISTENTLY going to church for more or less than 6 months, but she has been dropped by the missionaries since she wasn't responding questions when teaching her.

The young women president of the ward asked us to teach her, again, and so we did. And yes! She's responding to the questions and her understanding of the doctrine has improved. Teaching for understanding (that even a child could understand) is really really necessary. She's 12 and we would be teaching her mom too!

This week, I have learned that in order for us to use time fully and wisely, we should have balanced goals. This week, we really followed the schedule. I love it when I end the day writing journals. I don't believe that missionaries don't have time to have language study, eat lunch, or write on area book, or write on journal, and still reaching the standards of excellence.

Balanced and more organized schedule helps me become more effective missionary.
Hastening means being more organized.

I love being a balanced and organized missionary!

I love being a hastening missionary!

With the Morales Family. For Garry and Elaiza's baptism.

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