Lunes, Abril 11, 2016

The God of Israel leads . . .

I can't believe how much time has gone past. The past two days were special for me because it was my last general conference as a full-time missionary. I love President Monson's talk about choices. I know that someday I will dwell with God and become like Him as I strive to always choose wisely -- not just choosing what is right, but what is always best -- the things that matter most. I am so grateful the Lord has assigned me in this beautiful vineyard of Roxas. As my companion and I work with Him to lift this area, we are also being lifted up. I am learning so much here about the true meaning of life. I love being a missionary.

Yesterday became more special to me and my companion because of the investigators who came to church. Tatay Artemio, one of the new investigators we had this week came to church. Sister Martinez contacted him in one of our punted hours, and we already love him with all our heart and soul.

Sister Valerie and Brother Marlon came to church too! They are the children from the two inactive families we contacted in our first week together. During our first days, Sister Martinez felt impressed to visit Riverside (one of the baranggays in this area where she had not been to). We trusted the prompting, and there we found a big compound full of inactive families. We found so many part-member investigators there and Valerie and Marlon are just one of our favorites. Our last lesson with them was so powerful and inspiring. They said they read their assignment in the book of mormon and know it is true. They said they want to become full-time missionaries someday, and told us that when they are alone, they practice how to "talk like a missionary". And yesterday, they walked from church to their house despite how far it was, under the prickling heat of the sun. Sister Valerie and Brother Marlon are going to be great missionaries someday. We love them, with all our heart and soul.

Our companionship is doing great. Sister Martinez is such a wonderful gift to me at my last cycle as a missionary. She got one of the purest heart on earth. Our companionship is living our Mission's Vision every minute of the day. We feel the spirit and power as we strive to be more consecrated. We connect the people we teach to heaven. Every after teaching appointment, we evaluate our lesson: what went well and what to improve -- and our lesson get better and better every after each lesson. We teach at least 50 lessons a week. And in our daily planning, we pray fervently and specifically to each of the person we taught during the day, and those we will be teaching the next day. Our companionship's divine. And we know the God of Israel leads this mission!

My time as a  missionary is running out so fast. And I hope and pray fervently that I am doing the best that I can to magnify this calling as His representative, so at the very last day, I would be able to look Him in the eyes, and tell Him, that even though I wasn't a perfect missionary, I loved Him and all the people around me in this wonderful Cauayan Mission with all my heart and soul.

I love being a missionary!

She reminds me of Elaine. Very cute and bubbly. 

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