Lunes, Abril 4, 2016


Be it known unto all nations, kindreds, tounges, and people ... that Sister Acosta is feeling wonderful! I love my new area, I love my new companion. I love everything and everyone in Roxas! I love being a missionary!

Sure, I felt overwhelmed during my first days, to think that I am only given 6 weeks to do ALL the things He asks me to do. But I know, with all my heart and soul, that in His strength I can do ALL things. Jesus Christ himself, was able to cover all men throughout the eternity, in just 3 short years of ministry. 3 years, and He was able to change eternity. I know He's just always with me and my companion as we invite more people to come unto Him.

Recently, I have been studying our Savior's admonition in the Sermon on the Mount to be "perfect".  I have learned that the term "perfect" was translated from the Greek word teleios which means "complete". Being complete does NOT mean becoming "free from error or mistake". Being complete means, going from grace to grace towards the end, to be fully developed, to consummate, or to finish.

Even though I was never a missionary who made no mistake, I can strive to become better each and every day so I could COMPLETE this errand from the Lord, valiantly. I know we can do this! I love being a missionary!

1st Sunday in Roxas :)

This is Nanay Acosta. She is already 98 years old, never had the chance to marry, and has been blind for a few years. Her house is located in the farthest barangay away from the church. But guess what, she never misses coming to church every Sunday! She is just inspiring. She speaks good english (she is a retired teacher and reminds me a lot of Lola Mary). Everytime we visit her, she asks us to read her a chapter in the book of mormon -- but it has to be in english. She wants us to always talk with her in english because she doesn't want to forget speaking in english. I love her soooo much!! She must be my lola -- something like a nth degree relative? :D

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