Lunes, Abril 18, 2016

9:30!!! 70 contacts!!! 9:30!!! 70 contacts!!!

This has been a wonderful week for me and my companion. Sister Martinez and I are on fire. The Spirit is burning within us all day everyday, that we couldn't feel the heat of the sun here in Roxas. I love being assigned in this beautiful part of the country and be companions with someone who is sooo selfless and pure. (Members work with us everyday, now! And it will get better and better in few more weeks.)

Yesterday was one of the best days of my life, never to be forgotten. My companion and I gave sacrament talks. I woke up at 6:30 am and straightway went to the study room to make the talk . . . and I prayed and labored over every word, stopping frequently to remind the Lord and myself that I wanted this to be His message as nearly as I could make it, to help hasten the work in this branch. I felt it did. One of our investigators told us "Sisters, could I request our branch president to make the two of you always the sacrament speakers? You are a good tandem". It is another way of saying "Your companionship's divine!"

At 9:05pm last night, my companion and I just got 61 contacts. We decided we will never go back to our apartment until we reach 70, so we went to the plaza where there were more people to contact. At 9:24pm, we were able to contact 9 more people to complete the 70. At 9:25PM, there were NO more tricy passing by to give us a ride to go back to our apartment. We prayed in  the middle of the streets, asking for a tricy. Then a tricy passed by. We called him. But he told us he had to go home already with his family. We said "okay" and tried to find another. But in a few seconds, the tricy we called, came back and decided to give us a ride going home. We found out that he has already given a ride to former sister missionaries before so he knows our apartment and so he drove a little faster than usual. And at 9:30! Exactly 9:30, we got home!!!

I shouted and shouted "9:30!!! 70 contacts!!! 9:30!!!! 70 contacts!!!" I felt like a runner who reached the finish line. I looked at my companion and found her crying, sobbing out of control. I asked her why she was crying. She said "I am just sooo happy".. I laughed so hard and we gave each other a hug. Then she said, "We didn't contact 70.", still crying. She continued by saying "We contacted 71. Because we contacted the family of the tricy driver who brought us here." And I started crying.

It is a day never to be forgotten. I know that God knows each of us and hears and answers our prayers. But it usually through other people our prayers get answered. I love the people of Roxas. 

Ooooooh I just love being a missionary!

My companion is a civil engineer :)

After praying . . .

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