Lunes, Marso 28, 2016


I can't believe how much time has gone past. In my first cycle as a missionary, one of my housemates, Sister Davis, randomly told me "I hope I could see you how you end your mission."

I cannot forget that. That experience is still vivid in my memory. Now that I'm heading to my last cycle as a missionary. How do I end it? I do not know. I just hope and pray that He would give me more holiness, just as what Hymn 131 says. My favorite line in that hymn is "More used would I be". I hope and pray that I would be more used, even if I would now be released in the calling as an STL. I hope and pray to be more like our Savior, who endured well,  never shrank, and pressed sublimely towards the completion of His mission.

Santiago 2nd ward will be forever in my heart. In the short three months I spent in this wonderful area, I was able to see a lot of miracles. First, I met Bishop Acosta and his family. Second, Sister Ethington became my companion. Third, Nanay and Tatay Quintos got baptized.

I can never forget how Nanay and Tatay got fully immersed in the waters of baptism last Saturday. I can never forget Tatay and Nanay's countenance shine as they were sitting in the sacrament hall yesterday, wearing their Sundays best. Tatay was so handsome with his white polo and a tie. Quintos family is just one of the most beautiful people in the world. I love them, with all my heart, and soul.

I love being a missionary!

I am going to miss praying with Tatay Rola.

The very first time I baked a cake! (Does it look like a cake?)
This will be for my anak, Sister Maroket :)

Quintos Couple :)

Quintos' confirmation Sunday :)

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