Lunes, Pebrero 8, 2016

Tatay Rola

So I do not know what to write. We received the transfer list, and I was surprised I wasn't transferred, I wasn't released. Is that true? Is this for real? 

For the past week, I have been thinking, that since I have been in this calling for so long, I would now be released. And that, finally, I could rest from the crazy schedule, and the unnecessary expectations I demand from myself because of this calling to be "seen". I thought I would be now released because I shared a scriptural thought in the MLC, and that He has already granted my prayer to meet Bishop Acosta and his family. Or because I have not been thinking and worrying as much as I used to... thus, I have been complacent. Thus, He would now release me.

I want to admit that somehow, I covet the airconditioned apartment San Mateo has to offer, so I could now take my beauty rest forever. But my Eternal Father in Heaven wants me to learn that that "peace and serenity" comes from learning how to balance demands, instead of escaping it. He wants me to learn that demands of life will always be there, and it has no endings, because I am made of the stuff of eternity.

Had exchanges with Sister Delinila this week. We taught 11 lessons. Had exchanges with Sister Albarico this week. We had 10 lessons. We now focused in the nearby areas so we could me more wise in using our time. 

Tatay Candido Rola is the best. I know that no matter how I strive to be exactly obedient, I can never push the message into his heart. I do not know if it is proper to negotiate with Heavenly Father, but my prayer is that He will soften Tatay's heart in exchange of my all. For Tatay Rola, I will give my all. I know he is not aware how much I love him, but that doesn't matter. In this 2 cycles left, and I will give my all.

I love being a missionary!

Sister Mcbride's gift for my birthday :) She is the sweetest!

Exchanges with the sisters of Echague!

I played the piano during the baptismal service of one of the investigators of the other sister missionaries in the ward. Looking at this program with many "Acosta" makes me feel so at hooooooooome.

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