Lunes, Pebrero 15, 2016


This week has been truly amazing. Having Sister Ethington as a companion is a miracle. I deeply admire her example of kindness and "calmness" during her first days in this calling. After teaching 3 zone meetings in a row, and teaching zone conference tomorrow, our goal is to familiarize the area and get to know the beautiful people of Santiago!

We taught "Charity in Companionship" topic in zone meetings. Had some discussion of "Contention or Disobedience", Seeking First to Understand then to be Understood, and D&C 121:41-43. At the end of the lesson, we had some role practice where junior companions need to correct their senior companions, with love. The spirit was so powerful testifying to me how important Charity is! Because without it, I am nothing.

And speaking of Charity, it's the month of Love! Valentines day has become really special to me since I entered the mission field. Last year's valentines, Tatay George was baptized. And yesterday's valentines, Tatay Rola came... to church!

I do not know how to properly describe my feelings right now. I feel like I am going to cry. I do not know what I can say more but Tatay Rola came to church. Tatay Rola came to church. Tatay Rola came to church!

For more than 25 years of being taught by missionaries, he came to church yesterday... for the very first time. Tatay Rola is the only non-member in his family with 2 returned missionaries.

I do not know if this is true for me and this family, but I think I was called to this mission, at this time to teach some particular person or family I had a covenant with.  During my first week in this area, one of the daughters of Tatay Rola, told me that I look really familiar to her. I cannot forget that. Because I feel like I know her too. I know Tatay Rola, and Nanay Rola, and the rest of Rola family. I don't actually recognize them,  but I have the overwhelming feeling that I know them, even before I met them.

I also cannot forget how happy Nanay Rola was yesterday. I was so happy that I didn't notice the Quintos couple (investigators) came to sacrament meeting as well yesterday! My bad.

Later, I will print many copies of the picture of Rola Family taken in the church and I will put it everywhere I can see everyday. So I will always be inspired and motivated to give every drop of my passion in this work. For Tatay Rola, I will give my all.

I know this work is true, and I am grateful to be a little part of it.

I love being a missionary!

I love Rola Family :)

Kenzie and friends :)

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