Lunes, Pebrero 22, 2016

Worries and Whatnot

This week, I worried and prayed and wasn't able to sleep because of zone conference, new leaders training and some other things. The good news is that almost none of the things I have worried about or been afraid of have ever happened. I suppose that is why Elder Packer said once “You can’t tell me worrying doesn’t help because the things I worry about never happen.”

Although we were out of our area for 2 days (plus some choir practice for the upcoming stake conference), we were still able to reach the standards of excellence. And to top that, we had 11 investigators who attend the sacrament meeting!

If I'll ever get transferred next cycle, I know that the missionary who would replace me could take care of these wonderful people in Santiago. But now, I don't want to get transferred. I have already learned to love the Quintos couple, the Rola Family, Stephanie, Lizel and friends, and oh Niko and Bryan, and many moreee.. They all have special place in my heart.

Sister Ethington and I are doing great. This Wednesday, we'll start conducting companionship exchanges. My companion and I are amazed how we could both recognize the spirit in telling us who we are going to be with on exchanges. It's hard to describe how to receive that kind of revelation, but I know that's the same way you receive revelation on transfers.

As for me, I have been studying Christlike attributes. I desire to become more like Him each and every day in the weeks left I have as a missionary. This week, I studied Faith in Jesus Christ.

So how do we measure one's faith? I do not know. But I feel my faith in Him has increased tremendously this week as I keep myself focused on Him and His work. It is the “eye of faith” spoken in Alma 5. It is the assurance and confidence I have in His perfect love for me and everyone around me. It is the one that moves me into some physical and mental action that I even ran some miles nonstop this morning, which I thought before was impossible. I am amazed what Faith in Jesus Christ can do. I can see in my mind's eye the miracles that lie ahead. I just need to keep looking to Him, doubting nothing ... fearing nothing..I know in His strength, I can do all things!

I love being a missionary!

We had 11 investigators coming to church. :) Such a wonderful gift for my birthday! Hehe

On my 20 something birthday, Bishop Acosta prepared dinner to celebrate! So so happy!

On our way back to Santiago from Cauayan after Sister Ethington's New Leaders Training.
President Rahlf and I taught together in the Companion Exchange Part since... well, I need some help.
Before the meeting began, President Rahlf led a Happy Birthday Song for me. One of the best days of my life!

Zone conference with some new missionaries :)

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