Lunes, Enero 18, 2016

Wooonderful Weeek

What a wonderful week! My companion and I taught 3 zone meetings (Alicia, Santiago South, and North Zones), attended ward council (Oh, Bishop Acosta is amazing!), personal interview with President and Sister Rahlf (I love them with all my heart!), and I had companion exchanges with Sister Kibaimoa..

Exchanges with Sister Kibaimoa was great. She is a wonderful sister missionary who is sincere, loving, humble, and very willing to learn. In terms of her tagalog communication skills, she's great. Promise!

Sister Albarico is also doing great! She's a very humble, very talented, and loving person. Sister Victoria is lucky to have her as a trainer. She's hastening! I hope and pray that I am doing my best in showing my love and appreciation to them and to my companion.

I was the one being taught by the Spirit in teaching 3 zone meetings this week. I have learned that when I do not worry what to say next, the Spirit takes over the lesson. I learn from what I say when it's the Spirit who's teaching the lesson. After all, he's the true teacher.

Work has been great. The ward is so supportive. Bishop Acosta is a great leader I strive to be like. He's very effective and efficient. I think he's my uncle. Once, we were teaching an RC family ... and they told me that I teach and act like Bishop Acosta. It made me want to work harder for this people. Maybe, the people in Santiago are my distant relatives.

Personal interview with President and Sister Rahlf is the best. I hope it is not the last. It helped me reorganize my goals and prepare myself for Eternal Life. After all, that's the reason why I am here on earth. 

Sister Anna Patag, and Brother Viernes has been consistently coming to church but not yet solid in their decision to be baptized. I do not know how long will the nourishing be, but I am willing to obey His will no matter what it takes.

I love being a missionary!

Going to zone meeting with the Alicia Zone!

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