Lunes, Enero 25, 2016


So last saturday, my companion and I attended the baptismal service in the zone leaders ward. And it was a wonderful experience being able to witness many of His children got baptized. My favorite among them is the young woman who was the last to bear testimony. In her testimony, she said, "I believe Thomas S. Monson is our living prophet." Then she continued on by saying "I also believe Joseph Smith is our dead prophet."

So I do not know if that's funny, but that made my whole week.

On a more serious note, this morning I studied Elder Bednar's talk about why we have the older men serve in the senior leadership positions of this restored church. The spirit was so strong in teaching me that since we have limited time in this life (and in the mission), we need to focus our efforts on the things that matter most -- those that would help us and others return to Him,

Exchanges with Sister Wiri was great. Even though we went to areas that are far apart, we were still able to teach 8 lessons. We contacted every people we meet while walking to our next appointments. She's so humble, loving, and positive, and very diligent to learn tagalog.

Exchanges with Sister Sutherby was also amazing. We taught 9 lessons and contacted every people we meet. She has grown a lot since the last time I met her in her first area. I am so happy and so proud of her. Sister Sapinoso is also a great companion! I love them both.

And my love for Sister Albarico has gone deeper (In fact, we jogged together this morning!). I do not know why, but I feel like she's very special person to me. I do not know how would I describe this feeling, I just love her.

I think my favorite miracle of the week is Sister Anna and Sister Stephanie, new investigators, who came to church again yesterday. I sat beside Sister Stephanie during Gospel Essential Class, and before the class began, I showed a copy of a Liahona. When she saw a picture of the temple, she asked what it was. I told her it is the place where a man and a woman can marry for time and for all eternity. Curious, she asked me if she can ever still enter the temple someday despite of the transgressions she had made in the past. Testified of the Atonement, and its power to make scarlet sins be as white as snow.

I cannot stop thinking of the woman who annointed Jesus' feet in the 7th chapter of Luke, where Jesus told of a parable of two people who both owed money to the same man. Jesus told Simon, that the one whose "sins,... are many, are forgiven;for she loved much: but to whom little is forgiven, the same loveth little”. The comparison of their sins isn't the point to Him. It is, how MUCH do we LOVE Him.

I know I can never compensate the perfect love He has for me but I hope and pray that I am showing enough love to Him.

I love Him and this work. I love being a missionary!

My companion and I took Tatay Rola's sinampay so that he would have no excuse of not being able to give us at least 10 minutes to teach a lesson. Tatay is so funny. We love him so much.
@ Diffun.

In Alicia. The other sister is Sister Delinila. She's the girl in one of the LDS youth videos that made me cry while watching it while I was still in youth. We talked often because we have the same course in college. I keep on telling her that passing my board exam was just a miracle, and that she can do it too. She's very smart! Very very smart!

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