Lunes, Enero 11, 2016

In Wisdom and Order

This has been a wonderful week. We had a crazy schedule or maybe, I'm the one who is getting crazy. I find it difficult to sleep these past few days. I wanted to sleep, but my mind couldn't sleep. I do not know why. I feel like there's a lot of things needed to be done, but so little time. I. can't. believe. this.

So lately, I have been thinking and studying (and hopefully applying) How to Use Time Wisely. I hope and pray that I am spending my time with the things that matter most. Because "matter occupies space, and we can only have space for what really matters."

I think my favorite miracle of the week is teaching John Paul's relatives. We were teaching Salvador family, when our phone rang. We didn't mind it because we were in a lesson. After that, we went "to and fro" teaching appointments only to find out that we were punted. We were punted many times until the "impatient" me wanted to teach Monica, an active member who lives just close by. Then all of the sudden, my companion remembered to check our phone. She said, "Ay may nagtext pala sa atin!" And so she checked, and we found out that Brother John Paul sent a text message telling us that he was on his way to church. He brought with him his siblings and cousin to be taught by us missionaries. And we had a very wonderful lesson about restoration. And they all accepted the invitation to be baptized. I am just grateful my companion is so receptive to the Spirit, she remembered to check our phone. The Spirit is the really the most important element in this work.

Sister Anna Patag also came to church yesterday. She's a referral from Tatay Lucas. We just met her last week, and in our second lesson to her yesterday, she shared how much she had been praying that she may be able to regain her faith and relationship with God. She has been really preoccupied with a lot of problems lately, that she forgot the things that really matter most. She told us that "maybe", we are the answer to her prayers. Oh, how I hope and pray that I will be worthy enough to be someone's answered prayer.

We had MLC last wednesday, and had specialized sister training with other STLs wednesday night. I am now the oldest STL and I feel like I am going to be released next cycle. :) I remember how much I cried during my first cycle in this calling because of the crazy schedule I am not used with. I thought that I already knew and that I am already an "expert" in juggling and managing time, but this week ... I came to realize that I am still learning. In my last personal interview with President Rahlf, he told me that I will be using all the skills I am learning now in the mission, in my future callings as hmmm, (should I dare say it?) homemaker, wife, and a mother -- who has many many many responsibilites. I still haven't found the magic formula for using time wisely, but I think this one really helped me:

1. Eat Right. ( 3 - 4 Liters of Water, 5 servings of fruits and veggies)
2. Exercise.
3. Enough rest. (8 - 9 hours of sleep)

and then add what my mission president told me:

Pray, Read the Scriptures, Set goals. Make plans, Budget money.

This coming thursday, we'll be having another personal interview with him and his wife. So I can't wait.

I love you all. And I love being a missionary!

Preparing object lesson for our zone meeting!

Specialized Sisters Training :)

Catching up with the beautiful Sister Mcbride :)

I am very beautiful here!

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