Lunes, Disyembre 7, 2015

I love Sister Earl

Almost a year ago, I thought 70 contacts per week is impossible. But guess what happened this week . . .  the God of Israel who leads this mission helped me and my companion teach 74 lessons! Yes, 74 lessons and 104 contacts!

Aah. What a privilege it is to be assigned in such a wonderful area with very loving and supportive ward members! Tuguegarao members are like the the members in Alinguigan who calls and volunteers themselves to work with us! Aaah. I love this area with all my heart!

Exchanges with Sister Earl this week was amazing. We taught 10 lessons and had 12 effective contacts in one day. I am just amazed how God truly answers our prayers if we will just ask, seek, and knock. Our first lesson that day was so memorable. Sister Earl and I taught the Articulo family about the restoration . . . and the Spirit was so strong that Sister Earl and I hugged each other really really tight while walking to our next appontment. Sister Earl is such an amazing missionary with a lot of potentials. She's really smart. In fact, she had received many compliments from our investigators about her tagalog communication skills. I promise. I love Sister Earl so much, and I could see how many miracles she can do in this mission ... 

Book of Mormon is amazing! I had never had so many investigators read, ponder, and pray the book of mormon as much as I do now. Questions really are healthy! I am amazed how the same chapters of book of mormon could answer our investigators and LAs' questions like: "How can I live longer to serve God?", "How can I help my family be back to church?", "How can I receive further enlightenment?" ...

and I am still enjoying feasting the book of mormon with the question: "How can I become a consecrated missionary?"

I am just grateful for the privilege to see His hands working in these people lives.

It is true. Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers.

I love being a missionary!

That is Sister Earl praying over there. And yes, I have been wearing contact lenses on some days for the past few months. :)

But on some days, I wear my eyeglasses too! Haha.

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