Lunes, Disyembre 21, 2015


So Sister Jamaica wasn't able to attend sacrament meeting yesterday because she was sick. So we do not know now. We hope and pray that this wouldn't hinder her from entering the waters of baptism this coming 26th. I hope and pray that everything will work out this week. His will be done.

I have been through some real introspection this past week. I feel that I will be transferred this coming 30th and I do not know why but I feel that I have not been making any difference in this area. I see no visible results. Have I done all that was required of me? What could have I done more? Is there something I should have done better? What more can I do?

My companion shared a beautiful and inspiring sacrament talk yesterday. She shared Ether 12:27 as a formula for achieving our goals/resolutions this new year. I know that as I regularly check on myself and recognize my areas of vulnerability, I recognize a chance for divine influence. I hope and pray for wisdom and strength for things He requires me to do. "Help me give my all", is my prayer.

We conducted spilts at Penablanca last wednesday. Their area is really big and has plenty of beautiful and humble people, willing to learn of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I was with Sister Flores and it was a wonderful time to reflect on my relationship to the Lord, to my responsibility, and to the people I serve..

Nika, Beth, and Michael came to church yesterday. But the Indong Family was not able to come to church because they are on a christmas vacation. But I am grateful that this investigator family enjoyed the ward christmas party. They told us that the night after the party, they all slept late because for the whole night, they just talked with each other about how much they enjoyed the ward party. Ooooh, if only they know how much blessings they'll enjoy if they'll accept and live the gospel. Ooohh I hope I can see them again. And I hope and pray that I'll be ableto see them dressed in white (twice), even just in pictures.

I love this area. I love these people. I love my companion. I love the Lord. I love His work. And I love being a missionary!

My companion's idea of giving little tootsie rolls to everyone. :)

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