Lunes, Setyembre 28, 2015

Happy Family Week!

Dear loved ones,

This week has been great. We had companionship exchanges with the Ward 1 Sisters. I had the opportunity to be with Sister Ragasa all throughout the day. Sister Ragasa is such a wonderful sister missionary, who is so talented, and very very very beautiful inside-and-out. She is so good in teaching, she asks inspired questions, she teaches people (not lessons)! She personalizes every scripture according to needs. She connects people to heaven!  I love sister Ragasa so much. I consider her as one of my life's dearest friends!

The next day, we had companionship exchanges with the San Gabriel Sisters. I have learned so much that day. As usual, we did some accounting to these two sisters before we began the exchange. I was kind of worried during the accounting because it was almost an hour and we were still doing the accounting. I was freaking out inside because I was afraid we would be late in our plans during the day. I was trying to give signals to my companion so that we would end the accounting and so we could start working, but my companion knows better. Later on, during the accounting ... the sisters opened up that they had problems with their companionship... That it almost took us three-long-hours to do the accounting and fixing the problem. We were late in lunch, in our companionship study, but the day went great! You know why... Because their companionship got mended! :)

I have learned so much from this experience. My companion, Sister Hamblin... told me how important companionship is --- that even in the missionary white handbook, "companionship" has the longest article in it. Because when there is contention, the Spirit of the Lord will depart, regardless of who is at fault.

The same with our relationships with our family. “So much in life is extraneous, [but] … the family is the real thing, the substantial thing, the eternal thing; the thing to watch over and care for and be loyal to."  Carla Carlisle

Happy Family Week!  I love you all and I love being a missionary!

Cute primaries wanting to be YSAs. My gulay!

Sister Honey and family went to church!

My anak and I.. 3 months later

PS: Wednesday, I saw my anak Sister Maroket!!!! I had not seen her for 3-long-months already.... so we just both cried while we hugged each other really really tight just as how we cried and hugged each other really really tight the day when she was born! And I received a good news! My baby girl is no longer a baby girl because my anak, Sister Maroket will be training a new missionary!! That means my anak is expecting an anak! That means, I am already a LOLAAAAAAAA!! Lola na ako! Lola na ako! Ako pinakabatang Lola sa mission!! Hahaha!! Oh, what a wonderful family week together with my anak!!

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