Lunes, Oktubre 5, 2015

Atonement and Missionary Work

This has been a wonderful-harvest cycle -- all sisters in Tuguegarao North and South Zones had baptisms! But for now, we are thinking about how we can keep our teaching pools flowing

I've been thinking about the relationship of Atonement and Missionary Work lately.

Atonement being the Why of Missionary Work,
and Missionary Work being the How of Atonement.

In PMG, it says that "As your understanding of the Atonement of Jesus Christ grows, your desire to share the gospel will increase." When a person understand and felt the importance of WHY, he or she will just do the HOW, intuitively and naturally!

The same with the investigators and less-actives and everyone we are teaching.. If they understood WHY reading the book of mormon, WHY praying, and WHY going to church is important... They will just do it! And you know what, you know what!! Sister Honey (the one we met during our tracting --- the one who asked us if she can be baptized?) went to church yesterday! Together with her children and cousins! And Jason went to church as well! And Jamaika!! I. AM. SO. HAPPY!!!!!!

And Nanay Josephine is now returned!!! This has been a beautiful and redeeming cycle for me. I am just so grateful God has given me Sister Hamblin as my companion -- though 6 weeks is really short for having a good companion as she is! She's a heaven sent! She will leave this area and me, better than she found it.

I have also learned this cycle that sometimes (or maybe most of the time) God gives commandments we do not understand the WHY. I have learned to just DO IT ... in due time, we will understand the WHY.

The Savior Himself said, "If any man will do his will , he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself." (John 7:17)

Time's up! I love being a missionary!!!

Last day with my companion. I woke up and I was surprised she prepared for our breakfast.

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