Lunes, Setyembre 7, 2015

Martha, Martha.

First things first! Happy Birthday Mother earth! I am not sure how old are you by now since you celebrate birthday twice a year! I am so happy seeing photos of you! You all look great and wonderful and white! As for me, I am getting really really used with the SUN! I have not been using umbrella since my first area because I always lose it. So, yup. I am one of those tall dark and beautiful women, in the world.

To Sister Acosta II, I am so happy for her. I hope I could write as much as I would like for her right now (advice and etc) but my time is running and I ought to use it wisely. Can you believe I am almost one year in the field? Aaaaah. My heart is racing every time I think of how the clock is racing din! If there are questions she would like to ask about sister-missionary matters or anything under the sun, my INBOX is always open. I'd love to hear from our bunso!

To My Twin Sister, she is so maganda! She's so beautiful and white in her short hair! I hope I could receive an email from her kahit "hello" lang. :p

To my Lola and Papang! How are they? I am hoping I'd finish the letters I am making for all of you.

About my temple recommend, don't you worry about it. Mine is going to expire next year MAY 2016. It is not yet expired. Kaya wag mag alala. I hope mamang is reading the book I gave her... Worrying is bad to your health. It's like committing SLOW suicide. So beware.

So this week has been a wonderfully fully fully loaded week. We were out of our area for almost 2 days for MLC and a very spiritual training with you and Sister Rahlf.

I really loved how we talked about Martha. She's one of my favorite women in the new testament. In fact, whenever I get worried, Sister Berganio (my part-time daughter) would tell me the same words Jesus told Martha

"Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things.."

But only that night, when we turned to the 11th chapter of John, I have come to know Martha better. And I have loved her even more.

As far as I could tell, THIS WEEK HAS BEEN SO WONDEFUL. I am learning so much especially from my companion. She's a good leader and has that A+ Attitude. She is smart and intelligent and organized. She is always happy and always positive and I love her, with all my heart and soul. She has this cheerful and vibrant personality which is so contagious! I love being her companion. She makes me feel excited in every aspect of the work.

Tomorrow, we're going to teach on two zone meetings and we are both excited (I can't believe I am excited. I should be terrified but since my companion is always excited, I can't help but be excited as well).

This morning we prepared for what we are going to share about "attitude" for tomorrow and we have very good feelings about it. We talked about how Jesus said "The kingdom of God is within you". So if any of us are just unhappy or resentful: it is just within our head and heart.

It's all in my mind in my heart. This is exciting. I love being a missionary!


Specialized Training with President and Sister Rahlf. 

With my batchmates@ MLC!!!!! Yahoo!

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