Lunes, Agosto 10, 2015

First MLC

Hi. This is a picture taken after the first part of our MLC last wednesday. It has been a spiritual feast. It's a privilege for me to serve the sisters of two zones but at the same time the past weeks as a leader has been a painful examination of my soul. I had been really, really, really ... trying to overcome some of my weaknesses. Which I am really grateful to recognize some of them at this point of my life ...

Could you please pray for me? And I would be really very very happy to receive an advice from each of you.

My heart is crying.

So I had an eye check up last wednesday in Cauayan after our MLC because I had not been feeling really well for the past weeks (emotionally and physically because of my eyes) ...

The grade of my eyes has gone to 250 from 150.. One of the reasons why I got some head aches and couldn't work effectively the past weeks. I have new eyeglasses now. I used some of my personal money. Sorry.

I think I might spend some of it as well for my acne. My face has turned to .... no words could properly describe my face right now.. 

I love you.

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