Lunes, Agosto 3, 2015

I am back!

So just like what I have told you before, I was feeling really really homesick – not from my family in Mindanao, or from the Alinguigan ward – but from Heavenly Father’s presence. I had never felt wanting to see Him with Heavenly mother and get a hug from Them. For the past weeks, I was just so sad … I felt so far, far away. And what made it worse, is that I didn’t know why I felt that way.

President Kimball was right when he said that whenever he finds that he get “casual” in his relationships with divinity, it seems that no divine voice is speaking, he feels far, far away.

So I set goals
1. to pray, really pray and really talk WITH (not to) my loving Heavenly Father.
2. To really pore over the scriptures, making them personalized, by finding answers to the questions of my soul and write them on a study journal.

With this, I could lessen using the same scriptures over and over again, and asking the same questions again and again. It’s true, The gospel of Jesus Christ is really a fountain of knowledge that never runs dry.

About the work, it has been good! We have an awesome investigator who reads and ponders the book of mormon and always have a list of questions with him every appointment. He goes to church.. but now we’re working on WOW problems which, he said, he is willing to give up. This investigator was first taught by my batch Elder Navarro and his anak Elder Claudio. But since his house is within our area, the elders referred him to us. :)

I had my first exchanges! And it has been great! Sister Villa is an awesome missionary. She got the teaching skills, she knows how to BRT to every teaching appointment we had even though she just met them for the first time, she has positive attitude which makes her develop skills so quick!

Sister Ethington is an amazing missionary! I admire her so much even before we had exchanges! I have never known a missionary learn the TAGALOG language so fast as she is! She speaks tagalong like she has studied it for the rest of her life.

Hey I'm back!

I love being a missionary!

My first companion exchanges.

For Sister Maroket's birthday!!!!

Exchanges with Penablanca Sisters!

Zone CSP

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