Lunes, Hulyo 13, 2015

Getting transferred... after 9 months. Haha!

So… We’ve already received the transfer list. And I do not know what I am feeling right now. It's like, I am sad and happy. Sad and grateful. Sad and excited. Don't know how to describe that, but I feel peace.
I'm sad to leave those I have learned to love with all my heart, but I am happy because I know I've loved them with all my heart. And that's okay, because I'm going to take my heart with me... and they will always be in my dum dudum-dumdumdumdum dum heart.

I'm sad I will not be able to attend Jeraldine's baptism on Saturday, but I am grateful she will be baptized, with or without me. I will never forget how Sister Maroket and I were led to their house at the very last hour of our "all-punted day".

I'm sad I will not be with Sister Maroket 24 hours by Wednesday, but I am excited to leave her for each of us needs growth. We've been so much comfortable with each other, so I am excited to expand our own comfort zones. She's kind, loving, humble, and teachable. 

Before I thought she was ideal. But I was wrong. She's not ideal. She's perfect!!!

Nanay Virginia (wife of Tatay George) who goes to church but never committed to baptismal date.. the less-actives who loves to be visited and taught but not been consistent in attending church. The recent converts, the members, everyone in this area... will be in good and tender hands of Sister Maroket.

Looking back, and looking forward. Can't believe I feel so much peace.
Looking back, and looking forward. I soooooo love being a missionary!

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