Lunes, Hunyo 8, 2015


So after Sister Sanchez introduced herself in the testimony meeting yesterday (her name, where she came from, her last area, etc), I stood up and also introduced myself to the ward.

“I am Sister Acosta…”  The ward laughed.
” I am from North Cotabato”. The ward laughed.
“My first area is in Alinguigan Ward”.
“And I am still here in Alnguigan Ward”.
And they couldn’t stop laughing.

 ‘Twas a beautiful sight talking in front of all these beautiful people I have loved in the first months of my mission. I remember the first time I introduced myself to this ward and the testimony I bore.

I still bore the same testimony yesterday: That Heavenly Father lives, Jesus is the Christ, the Book of Mormon is true, Joseph Smith is a prophet of God, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true and living church upon the face of the earth, and we have living prophet: President Thomas S. Monson.

Nothing really changed in my testimony, if there is – it is only that I’ve got a stronger conviction of it than ever in my whole life.

I do not know, but this week, I’ve been pretty quiet. I was sad, very sad, because baptisms are falling through. We’ve dropped baptismal dates because investigators are not keeping their commitments.

I do not know but I’ve been introspecting myself if there’s something wrong I’ve done why investigators aren’t keeping commitments. I had been so sad. I’ve been quiet most of the time this week, because I kept on thinking what I need to improve and overcome as a missionary.

We had 12 new investigators this week – and still finding,
Still strengthening the RCs and LAs.

And my goal this cycle is to introduce Sister Maroket to all the less-actives in the area. Because for almost 9 months, I have known and visited them all even the unknown address except for one “Manuel Apostol” whom we are still looking for.

I’ll make this cycle my best cycle, no matter what.
I. Am. Unstoppable.
I love being unstoppable missionary!

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