Lunes, Hunyo 1, 2015

Ether 12

As a missionary, I have the front row seat of the greatest miracle of all: the effect of Christ's atonement on individuals, on families, and on me.

I haven't talked about Tatay George for the past weeks. Remember him? The one we met because of coconuts rolling? For a month, he wasn't able to attend sacrament. He couldn't stand or sit for long because he has been sick. That's why he started having special sacrament in their house every Sunday.

The ward loves him. Everyone in the ward knows and admires and loves him so much. Once a member reported to us how their visit to Tatay George was, he said "It's a spiritual moment every time I visit and teach the Morales Family." And the same is true for me. Every time I leave the Morales house, my faith in Him strengthens. I am always edified.

Last Thursday, we were led again to their house after being punted for so many times. Before we began the lesson, Tatay shared his spiritual experiences for the week, like how Heavenly Father has never failed him in his prayers in providing food for them to eat, fare to go to church, and the like.

As I was listening to Tatay, I wasn't sure about what to share since it was an unplanned teaching opportunity. But I had this prompting that we should share about faith, but I wasn't sure what kind of faith: Faith to Obey (1 Nephi 3:7) or Faith Precedes Miracle (Ether 12).


And so I turned to my companion and asked her if she would like to share something and then she said she had no idea and that she would still look in her scriptures too.

So we both skimmed through our scriptures with a prayer in our hearts. I felt we should share Ether 12. After turning my scriptures to that chapter, I looked at my companion's scriptures and then I found out she also turned to Ether 12! We looked at each other surprised! The Spirit confirmed it was the right message to share. And as we talked about verses 3-6 of that chapter to this family, the Spirit more confirmed that it was the same verses our Savior would share if He were the One teaching the Morales family.

This week I have learned the importance of discerning the needs of His children in this area. I can never do this work alone. Even if I will teach and teach, if it is not by the Spirit... it is useless.

And I know that there is no price too high, no struggle too hard, if at the end we enjoy the Spirit of the Lord.

I love being a missionary.

Had an operation for my ingrown. :(

My anak took care of me. :)

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