Lunes, Hunyo 22, 2015

Some Food Poisoning and Some Hastening.

I am grateful the Lord has allowed me to serve full-time mission. He showed me my weakness, and now slowly He's turning them to my strengths.

Yesterday, Sister Maroket and I weren't able to come to church because of some food poisoning which kept us awake the whole night because of stomach ache in cold sweat. :)  But I am grateful how the Lord sustained us all through the night with a calm and quiet spirit. :) Haha.

About the work:
Last last week, we had zone conference yet we still had 35 lessons.
Last week, we had exchanges and yet got 70 contacts!

This is new life. Doing my best without worrying!

I love being a missionary!

Zone pic. Okay. So I've been in this zone for almost 9 months.

Exchanges with STL.

Email me the moment you receive the pouch. :)

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