Lunes, Hunyo 29, 2015

10th week training

So Sister Maroket and I are now on our 10th week in 12 weeks training. And yesterday, we studied Chapter 4: "How Do I Recognize and Understand the Spirit?" I love our 12 weeks study yesterday because it summed up all the things we have experienced last week.

And as we were studying PMG Chapter 4 yesterday, we were so happy that we could relate our study to what we've experienced this week. We've learned how to really "study things out in our mind -- then ask Him if it be right".

Also, this week I've come to understand better the Lord's counsel in D & C 121: 43:
Reproving betimes with sharpness,
when moved upon by the Holy Ghost;
and then showing forth afterwards an
INCREASE of love toward him whom thou hast reproved,
Les the esteem thee to be his enemy; 
President Eyring said that the word increase in this verse suggests an increase of a love THAT WAS ALREADY THERE. The “showing forth” is about the increase. He said that before someone receives our correction, he or she must have felt of our love EARLY and STEADILY. They must have felt our genuine praise before they will accept our correction. (The Preparatory Priesthood)

I love my anak. I am the luckiest trainer in the whole world. She is the best of all the best. I love being a missionary!

This nanay bird really touched my heart. She did everything for her anaks.

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