Lunes, Mayo 25, 2015

Month of May

So the month of May 2015 has been one of my favorite months in my whole mission so far. Because! I got A LOT of training from President and Sister Rahlf.

We had sisters conference, then stake conference, then new missionaries and trainers meeting, then personal interviews!


1.Sister Maroket and I planned to work with our recent converts and less actives. Saturday, we worked with Vanessa (a recent convert) and it has been great! We also asked help from a return less active to fellowship one of our progressing investigators and we felt good about it. In this way, they will have the opportunity to feel joy of the missionary work. Plus, it will “put their own roots even deeper in the rich soil of the gospel” just as what Pres Monson recounted (PMG, 179)
2.We took turns in reporting to the ward correlation yesterday, and I am proud of Sister Maroket.

3. Just this week, I was surprised of how Sister Maroket “used the scriptures” in teaching just as how the PMG told us to do so. She’s been I-R-A-Bing scriptures now!! I was surprised how she introduced the scripture before reading them!! I asked her how she came to apply it, because I had not taught it to her yet. And then she said: “Because that’s what you’ve been doing. So I did the same thing.” Sister Maroket is like the prophet Mormon: SHE IS QUICK TO OBSERVE! So I have to be really very CAREFUL what I have been doing.. Because I she will be doing the SAME THING.

4.The ward suddenly gave me an assignment to speak about MILLENIUM at the sacrament meeting yesterday. I have to admit, I was terrified!! Because I only know a little about millennium!! As I was praying and asking for His help to guide me as I prepare for that “Millenium” talk, I just suddenly remembered the scriptures 1 Nephi 22: 24-26 which tells about the conditions in the millennium! I have never ever used those scripture verses, ever in my whole life. I just suddenly remembered it! The words of our Savior is D&C 84: 85 is true: If I didn’t study those scriptures before mission, the Spirit cannot “bring things to my remembrance” (John 14: 26).. So it is reasonable that whatever teaching assignment I will have in the future will be dependent on how I “treasured up in my minds continually the words of life”! I love the Spirit so much! On how it guides and directs me in every aspect of the work!

I love personal study! I love companion study! I love language study! I love lunch time! I love proselyting! I love teaching! I love accounting! I love planning! I love writing to area book! I love praying!

Because in all of these, the 3rd member of the Godhead is with me to guide me!
This is the time I am closest to heaven.

Sisters Conference

Stake Conference. So this is my second stake conference in Ilagan Stake. The stake president and some of the members of the Ilagan Ward noticed me and told me "Sister ang tagal mo na dito ah"
I might be staying here for the rest of my life. Hahaha!

New missionaries and trainers meeting.

Just a beautiful picture with my anak. :)

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