Lunes, Mayo 4, 2015

"Whither shall I go?"

I’ve been thinking about Nephi and his father Lehi lately -- of how Nephi asked his father where to go to obtain food (1 Nephi 16:23). 

I think it applies in how we work with people. Even though Lehi became discouraged enough that he murmured, Nephi still went to him and asked his father’s help. 

So for the past few days, I made it a habit to ask other people's help. And I think it has been helpful. I just love the book of mormon so much! I love how it teaches leadership principles like these.. How to make other people strong: Wise Confidence in Them Builds Them. 

I cannot remember who said this but it says that when you treat other people as to who they are right now, they will remain as who they are right now. But if you will treat them as what they should be, they will be.

It could have been much easier for the Lord to do this missionary work all by himself. He is powerful, He is perfect, and He can do things perfectly. But! He called me to do missionary work even though He knows I am not perfect.

I am sometimes awkward in contacting, teaching, asking questions and the like. I fall short. But His confidence in me, builds me!

That's one of the characters I love about our Savior. He gets the “ work” done through people, and on the other hand, He gets the “people” done through the work. 

I just love being a missionary and I am grateful for all the lessons I have learned and continue to learn in this sacred time that I have.

And speaking of sacred time, I am sorry if I write way too much. I still have minutes left, so let me tell you what made me happy this week!

Nanay Agripina Labador and Sister Maricon are now LA returned!!
Jimmy, one of the recent converts has gone to the temple to do baptism for his late dad.

Sherwin, my first LA returned, has gone THROUGH the temple last week … and he bore his testimony yesterday, and I got the best feeling in the whole world! 

I am just so much grateful to be a little part of this great and marvelous work! Yes! I love being a missionary!

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