Lunes, Mayo 11, 2015

Beautiful week!

I do not know what to write. We were in the STLs area for 3 days because we had exchanges with them last Friday and then we stayed there ntill Monday morning because of the typhoon. I miss our area. I miss the people there. I miss everything and everyone in Alinguigan.

For the good news!

1. My anak is "growing up" which makes me happy and sad. Happy because that means she's getting used with missionary life. Sad because that means, few months or weeks to go ... we'll be going on separate ways. I love my anak. Our companionship's divine.

2. Being a trainer helped me learn "by experience" that motherhood is really not easy. You do this, and that just for your anak. I've come to experience "in a very small scale" the sacrifices my mother has done for us. She's the best mom in the whole world.

3. We had a very powerful lesson in one of our new investigators family. We were punted all day so I we kept on praying to lead us where He would have us go. And then, after diner...we were led to this family. We taught L1P1-2 and I do not know how words just came out of my mouth continually ... and there the mom cried, the fellowshipper cried, and their eldest daughter cried in the closing prayer. And me not being aware, had tears flowing down my cheeks. The Spirit was too powerful to bear that we left the house speechless.

So yup, at first the day was difficult, but we ended it great. I believe that is also the same for what's happening now.

Hard days, will lead us to better days.

Until the perfect brighter day!

I love being a missionary!

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