Lunes, Mayo 18, 2015

I love love love!

Like Jessica: I love my anak. I love my area. I love my mission president and his wife. I love this mission. I love my Father in Heaven. I love my Savior. And every fiber of me loves every thing and every one and every moment I have as His missionary. 

About the work. It has been good. I had colds for 3 days, but I am already fine. Work work work and water water water have been helpful.

I was not feeling well yesterday that it made me want to go home, but I had this feeling that the greater the struggle the greater the blessing. So we continued to work. And tadahh! We had the whole Santos Family again. Taught about Prophets.. and I was so happy when the father of the family willingly offered the closing prayer.. I love this investigator family. If we just went home “because of not feeling well”, I wouldn’t be able to experience the Spirit of hearing Tatay Santos “volunteering” himself to pray.

I am just grateful, to know Christ better as I serve as His missionary.

How long would I be willing to lift?

I am willing through the end!

I love being a missionary!

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