Lunes, Abril 20, 2015

When You Save A Girl, You Save Generations

This has been the busiest cycle I've ever had in my mission. Yet I NEVER felt busy because I've always been happy. Sister Berganio is a wonderful companion and a friend. Her positive attitude is the main reason why she develops skills so quick. In fact, she's the one who led our planning this week. I let her lead this week and she has been very good at it. It is not difficult for someone to love her. Yes, I love her, I am going to miss her.

We had 40 lessons this week, and 19 of those are with member present. I love this ward. They have always been supportive. In fact, they are the ones who ask us to work. They volunteer, EVERYDAY. I love this ward. I am grateful I was born here, and it would be okay for me if I'd die here as well. Haha.

Saturday has been a very special day. Genalyn, Rosario, and Vanessa have been baptized. I love these three young women. They have been confirmed yesterday, and it was a beautiful sight to see them all at the pulpit. Three YOUNG WOMEN have been saved. Three generations are going to be saved.

Saturday night, we had FHE-sort of in Vanessa's house. I asked the young women counselor to introduce Personal Progress to Vanessa and it has been a spritual fun. One may ask, why Personal Progress -- it is not part of missionary lessons. But when you look at the cover of personal progress, you see temple. You flip it, you see temple again. 3 more flips, and you see temple. You look at the personal progress journal cover, you see temple. And even in the medallion itself, you see temple.

The Lord doesn't want these young women just to be baptized and receive the Holy Ghost. He wants them to enter His house someday. And personal progress would be a great temple preparation course for them, just as how it did to me.

I love these three young women.
I love this ward.
I love Sister Berganio.
I love my soon-to-be anak (yihee! I am training a new missionary next cycle!)
I love being a missionary!

Vanessa, Genalyn, Rosario's baptism

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