Lunes, Abril 13, 2015

Love, Watch, and Wait

So last Tuesday, Sister Berganio was sick. And for the next 5 days, I was the one who’s sick. It made me sad because my personal study had been terribly affected. Good thing we had general conference!  It quenched my thirst for gospel learning that I was not able to fully utilize for the past week.

So I am okay now: both physically, and spiritually. 

Despite of all the odds, we still had a good work. We had the youth work with us for the whole week (which makes me really happy) because the three baptismal candidates in the upcoming Saturday are youth! Vanessa and Genalyn have been interviewed and they passed! And Mark John Pabiona, is now a returned LA! In case the Lord would transfer me next cycle, I got no fear in leaving these youth ... because they study the BOM daily.

My favourite part of my everyday is looking at the back of their teaching records. Because at the back of their teaching records are their 6 month-stories of how they started to be taught, questions and concerns they raised, and how everything just fell into their proper place, now.

For 6 months: I loved. I watched. I waited. And yes, it was all worth it

I do not know what I cooked. Basta.

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