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Turning 6 months old. This is crazy!

Safety first: No uploading of my photos on facebook! :) Haha

Dear Family!

Kamusta? I hope your'e all doing great. And I hope each of you have time to read my letters (especially to the most handsome Papang, Most intelligent Lola, Most beautiful Mamang inside and out, and to my talented and intelligent and beautiful sisters like me) Ay joke lang!

This morning I suddenly woke up at 2 am and had a difficulty going back to sleep until 4:30 am. I do not know why, but lately, I’ve been terrified by the fact that I am turning 6 months old in the mission field. It’s like I want to cry but I couldn’t.  All I just want to do now is to press PAUSE button in my “sacred time” as a missionary, but I can’t! There’s no PAUSE button! The time just keeps on going and going and it is going so fast!!!!

And now, I ONLY have 15 minutes left to tell you all that I’ve learned for the past week!! This is crazy!

1.We got zero investigators sacrament attendance yesterday.  I just hope it was because of the typhoon. Lesson learned: There are things that we can’t control: Agency of others and weather.

2.Another thing we can’t control: Timing of the Lord. Look, most of our progressing investigators are “former investigators”. I fully acknowledge Heavenly Father’s hands in these people’s lives. I know that they are progressing not because of “me”, but because God was already preparing them before I met them!

Take for example Jen Sartiga.. (former investigator). The first time I met her, she was in cohabitation with someone for six years. We taught her Lesson 1 Principle 1 when suddenly she asked us about Law of Chastity … and in response to what she asked I explained the Law of Chastity in the most unclear and awkward manner I’ve ever done in my whole life. I thought she’s not going to progress, because I did a terrible job in teaching her.  But two days later, she left her live-in partner. J She is now in the process of repentance even if I know I didn’t explain very well what Law of Chastity is!

3. Focus on things you can control: Keep on finding. Keep on teaching. Tell everyone the truth. We do not know whom the Lord softens the hearts. Okay. So during sacrament meeting yesterday, I was so sad for some reason that I do not know. Part of it was because of the weather and me turning 6 months old. I am sad.  And all of the sudden, there was this grandfather who stood at the pulpit, he looks familiar but I do not know him. And then he said : “Reading was difficult task for me. But when Sister Acosta told us to finish reading the Book of Mormon, I did it. And within 87 days, I am done with it.” AND THERE!!! My crying heart wanted to cry more. Not because of sadness anymore, but because of so much joy.

Okay. For all the things that happened for these 6 months, I fully acknowledge it was not because of me. The Holy Ghost was the true teacher, not me. I’ve seen UNSEEN God’s hands work in these people’s lives.

“ …the Lord God showeth us our weaknessthat we may know that it is by his grace, and his greatcondescensions unto the children of men, that we havepower to do these things.” Jacob 4:7

1 minute left.

I love being a missionary!

Evacuation because of Bagyong Chedeng.

With RS :)

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