Linggo, Pebrero 15, 2015

Tatay George and Jimmy Boy!

So last Saturday, Tatay George Morales (the one I kept on telling you, how the coconuts roll!) was baptized. And yesterday, he was confirmed and was ordained to priesthood. He is about to finish the book of Alma. And his daughter and youngest son will be baptized on 14th. I love Tatay George so much and the whole family of Morales. Their sons and daughters are going to be awesome missionaries someday.

Jimmy Boy Telan (13 years old) has been baptized last Saturday, too. And when he bore his testimony he said : “I did not accept the invitation to be baptized because my cousins told me to do so, not even because of the missionaries. I accepted the invitation to be baptized because it is the right thing to do. And I know that this Church is true. Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. . . And even if I am the only member in our family, I will stay as a good example to my siblings and to my parents.” And guess what, her mother and siblings went to church yesterday! And Jimmy Boy is so handsome with his suit and tie yesterday! I love this kid so much!

And another miracle happened. The Cacal Family, went to church yesterday! They are the family we just met along the road last February 1, when all of our appointments in that village were panted. And, and, and! He got a very spiritual experience in the elders’ quorum class. He said that the lesson in EQ was perfectly made for him. It was exactly what he needed. And it so happened that our stake president sat beside him, and encouraged him to continue accepting us, missionaries. And now, he’s looking forward for the day that he together with his family will be sealed for time and for all eternity.

It was a tough week, but I am happy to say, it’s better than before.

I love this area. I love this ward. I love my companion (Yes, I do!) And I love being a missionary!

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