Lunes, Enero 19, 2015

Is there more than ALL that He hath?

So for three days, I was sick. Someone burned garbage beside our house and since smoke triggers my asthma, I got itchy runny nose, itchy throat, watery eyes, heavy head, and on/off fever . . . for three days. But I am okay now since I got a priesthood blessing from Elder Mortenson after he interviewed Jaycee and Jericho Ramos for their baptism on 24th! They are children of a part member family. They passed the interview! And yesterday, I was so afraid because I thought they wouldn’t come to church since their mother (member) is now in Manila finding a job. But they went! They went! For two Sundays, they went to church even if their mother was not with them! J I am so happy!


1. Tatay George went to church yesterday, again!!!!

2.  JR, a less active for more than 3 years (he was imprisoned), has been going to church since the first Sunday of the year! He told us that after the first time he went to church again, he immediately received a blessing from the Lord. For 3 years, he had been hiding from the police because he thought he was “WANTED” of the police. But when he went to the police the Monday after his first Sunday, HE WAS INFORMED THAT HE GOT CLEAN RECORDS IN THE POLICE. No words could properly describe how happy was. He can now find a better job to feed his growing family. Plus, he can now marry Rizalyn, our golden investigator.

I just hope I could tell you all the miracles that happened to the lives of whom we are teaching: how a returned less active prayed for rain, and it rained. How he prayed for the food of his pigs, and immediately after his prayer, someone came to answer it. How we promised to a recent convert, to read the book of mormon, so that the Lord will guide her in her exam. She said she had not been reading the book of mormon because she was preparing for her exam, and so we read the book of mormon with her, just what chapter she was at. And then the next day, when she took the exam, WHAT WE READ IN THE BOOK OF MORMON WAS INCLUDED IN HER EXAM. We read about the Lord’s vineyard, and randomly, her teacher asked about it in their exam. Of course she answered it right!! HEAVENLY FATHER LIVES AND HE IS IN THE DETAILS OF THE LIVES OF EACH OF HIS CHILDREN. AND HE HAS CALLED ME TO TELL THEM THAT HE LOVES THEM AND THAT HE IS AWARE OF THEM.

I know I have been called by a prophet of God. I have seen how He fulfills His promises to those who keep His commandments – to others and to me.  I love studying the White Handbook. I love highlighting the commandments and the promises. Now, I am also doing it to my scripture study. The commandments and the promises have deeper meanings to me now because of it.

He promises that if we keep His commandments, we will receive “all that He hath”.

Is there more than ALL that He hath?

No. There’s no more than ALL that He hath.

“And he that receiveth my Father receiveth my Father’s kingdom; therefore ALL that my Father hath shall be given unto him.” (D&C 84:38)

I love Heavenly Father. I love our Savior. I love being Their missionary.

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