Lunes, Enero 26, 2015

Morales Family!

So this week got the lowest key indicators. I worked with Sister Elivera in their area for one day while Sister Crystal and Davis were in Cauayan. Last Friday, we worked with the Sister Training Leaders in their area. I was on an exchange with Sister Lamac, and I have learned so much from her. I was taught by her example. I want to be like her. I want to overcome my shyness, I want to fully utilize my daily planner like what she does, and be better in asking referrals from everyone. She is so good in referral discussion! And when I say "referral discussion", it is really a "discussion".

Last Saturday, Jaycee and Jericho were baptized. And their testimonies caught me off guard. I didn't expect it. The Ramos famlyily is the shyest people I have ever known in my whole life. They just usually bown down their heads in the corner and just whisper everything they say. But on their baptism, okay. I was shocked. I am just so happy to see how the gospel can help a person overcome his/her own weaknesses to achieve his/her own divine potentials. So these Ramoses are my inspiration in overcoming my shyness too!

And yesterday, guess who attended the church? Tatay George Morales! With his son, with his daughter... and yes! With his wife! I am so happy! Tatay George want this so bad for his family. If the Lord would permit, February 7, instead of February 14 will be the baptism and Willieboy. Willieboy has gone to church 6 times consecutively, and Tatay for his 3rd time. I pray that Tatay will be healed too. The doctor said there's still a chance for him to be healed. It is just that they do not have enough money for it.

Anyway, the Alinguigan ward is awesome. The 3 recently returned missionaries from this ward is a big big help. One of them was called to be an assistant ward mission leader, and he is really a leader. In the afternoon of Sunday, the ward missionaries divided themselves to visit and teach investigators and less active all by themselves! At least when I get transferred, I have the assurance that the people I have learned to love here will be in good hands.

Despite of this difficult week, there are many things to be grateful for.

I love being a missionary!


Ramos children were baptized!

Last district meeting!

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