Lunes, Disyembre 1, 2014

First Companion Exchange; First Funeral Service Talk!

I love this week so much! Last night, I was so excited to tell my family all the things that happened this week UNTIL… we had an accounting of our key indicators. It made me sad. It is so ironic how this week has been the best week for me as a missionary, yet we had our key indicators heading downhill. But ahh. These KIs cannot change the love I have for this week!

On Tuesday, we had our district meeting, and as usual it has been so powerful. It inspired me to always ask myself “What more can I do?”. It inspired me to always raise the bar!

On Wednesday, we had splits with the Sister Training Leaders! I was so happy. I have learned so many things from Sister Lange. She had no idea how excited I was to be with her at least for one day! The very first time I met Sister Lange in my first district meeting, I felt that there’s something special in her that I want to emulate. She has this kind of confidence that makes everybody around her feel comfortable and confident in themselves too. The confidence that she has is NOT the one that comes from being proud on one’s own abilities. It is the confidence that comes from the knowledge that she is a literal daughter of a Diety – that in His strength, she can do all things! I love Sister Lange so much. She teaches by example. And she helped me so much in improving my teaching skills.

And yes, I love my trainer too! Sister Crystal is so hardworking. She is the perfect example of what-more-can-I-do missionary. I couldn’t ask for more.

On Thursday, we taught some of Heavenly Father’s children back in our area. We taught Sister Rizalyn, an investigator. She is a golden one! She reads (and understands!) the Book of Mormon way better than a member. And I mean it seriously. And in every teaching appointment, she always volunteers herself to offer the opening prayer. I am so happy for her. Now we’re trying to look for ways so she and Jay Ar get married so she can be baptized.

And on Thursday night (9:30 pm) , all of the sudden, bishop told us that I would be one of the speakers in the funeral for Friday morning. Needless to say, I freaked out. I was like… “Why didn't they tell me earlier?? I should have prepared with enough time!!” Speaking at a funeral service is a big deal for me (and to the Lord) and they were asking me to do it in a RUSH? This is hastening the work of salvation. Not RUSHING the work of salvation!! But aaah, since I sustain Bishop and I know he has been called of God, I willingly submitted myself. I just prayed so hard that I would be relying completely to the Spirit in making and delivering the talk, and I am so grateful God has answered my prayer. I love being a missionary! And what a privilege it is to have one of the members of the Godhead—the Holy Ghost to be a constant companion!!!

For now, we are focusing on how we are going to help everybody study their scriptures. Since a new year is going to start soon, we started extending the challenge to finish reading the Book of Mormon by December 31, 2015. We also make it our companionship goal to always ask everyone we teach what spiritual experiences they have recently. For them to see God’s hand in their lives DAILY. To help them know that God is in the details of their lives.

Oh how I love being a missionary!

In our apartment. "Ako ay nakakita"

Exchanges with STLs. Such a great day!

Dinner with Santos Family

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