Lunes, Disyembre 8, 2014

I Love Young Women!

When I ended my first day here in the mission field, I was like "Yes! One day down! One day closer to April 2016!". Now, I was like "Oh no! One month down! I can't believe there's only 17 months remaining to publish glad tidings in this land!"

My love for the people here in our area has grown. But for now, I am struggling with how to get these people out from where they are right now (spiritually) to where they should be (spiritually). Missionary work is really not easy. But still, I love being a missionary.

 Most of our lessons this week was about Lesson 1 Principle 1: God Is Our Loving Heavenly Father. In the area broadcast, Elder Oaks said that if a person understands this principle, the other principles will be understood easier. So this week, we used the T-chart in expounding this principle. I love this principle so much. Having the knowledge that I am a literal daughter of a Diety makes everything alright.

This week, I met Vanessa, 15. Younger sister of Carlos, a recent convert. Their mother is a member, and their father has just died. Vanessa is a former investigator. She usually hides when missionaries visit their house. So Heavenly Father knows how happy I was when we found her alone in their house and she let us come in and teach her!

I know that, as a missionary, I should "preach unto ALL [male and female], both old and young, . . .the aged and the middle aged, and the rising generations" (Alma 5:49) . . . But my love for the YOUNG WOMEN is way different. My love for them is as strong as my love for my siblings and myself. President Hinckley said, "When you save a girl, you save generations. She will grow in strength and righteousness. She will marry in the house of the Lord. She will teach her children the ways of truth." I find young women so precious. I don't want them to experience what our other 3 investigators are experiencing right now. It's very sad and heartbreaking when their husbands punch them, or not marry them because of the false traditions, and etc. I am really having a tough time thinking on how to help these 3 women resolve their concerns. It can be overwhelming sometimes. But yes, this is His work--He will help me.

As per companionship. It is good. I love companionship inventory. The question "What more can I do to improve myself as a missionary, as a trainee, and as a person?" can be frightening sometimes, but I love it. It helps me know myself better and I always love looking for ways to improve. Improvement and progression have one eternal round. :)

I love being a missionary!

Ito po yung picture ko sa bukid. Gabi. After ng FHE. Di na po ako makita sa picture kasi maitim na ako. Haha. Yung ilaw po jan ay yung alitaptap sa kamay ko. Sobrang nakakatuwa talaga. At sobrang nakaka ignorante din.

Ito naman yung pinaka unang daga pinatay ko. Hahaha.

​Ito naman yung ulam ko yesterday. Its called Hawaiian Haystack. Sobrang masarap. Hindi po ako madalas magkarne dito. Mga once a week lang. Lagi gulay at fruits.

Sige time's up! I love you all!

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