Lunes, Nobyembre 24, 2014

1 Month Old

Time flies on wings of lightning!

Exactly one month ago, I entered the Missionary Training Center! And it feels like it was just yesterday! So lately, I have been thinking about what goals I have achieved after my first month of being a full-time missionary. And I want to openly admit that I could not think of any.

Then I realized that it was because I had no specific goals. Yes, I want to be the missionary the Lord wants me to be, but I had no specific goals and plans to make that happen.

My first month was almost all about adjustment. But at least, I can finally say, that after one month, I have already adjusted to missionary life and I know now what I want to achieve (do and be) as a missionary! I love being a missionary and I cherish every minute of it.
In Luke 2:52, “. . . Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man”. So as His representative, I set specific goals and made plans in these four areas for me to be the missionary the Lord wants me to be. I read my patriarchal blessing this morning and it gave me hope (and much excitement) to reach these personal goals.

So about the work, only 3 investigators attended the church meetings yesterday. The Lord is easy to please, hard to satisfy. I know He is pleased with these 3 souls coming to church but I know we can do more to bring more of His children come back to Him (knowing that there were 6 investigators who came last Sunday).

Some of the investigators whom we are teaching are now hiding from us. Then yesterday, during our ward council meeting, I found out that some of the less-actives and investigators are hiding from the missionaries and home/visiting teachers because they are shy about not being able to read and write. I remember one investigator last Sunday in Gospel Essential class. She noticed that the teacher asks every one to read a paragraph/sentence in the manual during the lesson. Then suddenly she whispered to me “Sister, sana po wag akong pabasahin kasi di ako marunong magbasa” (Sister, please don’t ask me to read. I do not know how.) When I heard that, I was totally heartbroken.

Most of the people I have met and taught here had just rudimentary education. So this is what I am struggling with: to teach and explain the doctrine to them so that they may understand. Without them understanding the doctrine, they will never have that faith to ACT.

Mission is such a humbling experience. Humbling because it teaches me how the Lord has given me much so I too must give much—much patience, much diligence, much charity and love to those people whom the Lord has given me to teach.
In PMG Lesson 4, one of the commandments is to Study the Scriptures. So lately, I have been thinking about how they can study the scriptures. Sister Crystal told me that the ward missionaries can read the scriptures with them every day. But I have also been thinking about Sister Crystal and I teaching them how to read. Would that be fine???

I remember during my teenage years when I was so confused. I had so many questions about the truthfulness of the gospel. I could still vividly remember how my mother tried to answer all my questions and explain the doctrine to me simply and lovingly so I could understand. And I could still vividly remember how I wanted to cry because I still couldn’t understand. Then my mother said “It is because you are not reading your scriptures.” So that was the time I had the desire to search and study the scriptures and know things for myself.

I also want these people to enjoy the blessings I have received from feasting His words. Know what I have known. Taste what I have tasted. Experience what I have experienced.

With all my heart,
Sister Acosta

I hope you print them out and share it with our family! Wag sa facebook ah! Please lang. Hahaha.

​Ito yung picture nung maputi pa ako.

​Ito naman yung maitim na ako. Hahaha. The prophecies have been fulfilled! Maitim na nga talaga ako! Di na ako nakakapag sunblock simula nung andito na ako. Walang oras pero I will really find time next time. Hahaha.,

​Ito naman kaninang umaga lang. Isang bwan na ako sa mission! Ngayon ang monthsary ko! Haha. I am so happy! And I love being a missionary! Next month Christmas na! Kaya merry christmas!
(Makapal pulbos ko dito kasi maitim na ako) Hahaha. Pero ayos lang!
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Please tell Aaron salamat sa pouch nya! I love the missionary wallet SOBRA! Sobrang nakatulong sa akin! Salamat Baligod!


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