Lunes, Marso 7, 2016


One of the talks my companion and I are seriously studying this week is "Becoming A Consecrated Missionary". As I was pondering about this talk, I asked the Lord "what lack I yet" to become more  consecrated. To become consecrated, I need to put on to the altar of sacrifice my fears. I told my companion yesterday, that because of my experiences in the past, I have already developed the courage to talk to everyone -- I could press the doorbell of the biggest house on the earth and share the beautiful message that we have. I said, I have no fear.

But today, I realized that leaving our fears on the altar of sacrifice isn't just all about talking to everyone. I realized that it also means giving an accurate correction when it is necessary. I am still learning the art of understanding others and being understood. Much of the time, I just think and think and try to understand others yet I have no courage to say what I feel. Just like what it is said in the talk, "Sometimes we have missionaries who are so worried about offending people that in the process they never ever save them."

This week, Stefanie was baptized and confirmed. Right after she came out of the waters of baptism, we told her she was the cleanest person at that time.. And with a light in her eyes and and a smile on her face, she asked "Really Sister? Really? I love the feeling. I feel great." I love Sister Stef so much and I am grateful to be a small part of this great redemptive work.

Tatay Cuyajon, Felix Family, and Rodalyn came to church yesterday! They are the members who became less-actives because they were offended. I am grateful to see the light in their eyes and the smile on their faces because of being able to forgive others who might have offended them.

I hope and pray that I could become more of a consecrated person -- someone who is humble enough to ask others how can I be better, and someone who loves other people enough to offer correction when needed.

I am learning so much from my mission. I love being a missionary!

Sister Stef was baptized by her bestfriend. They looked good together in white.
My companion and I hope to see them "together in white, again". Maybe in the temple?
Of course after finishing their own missions. :)

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