Lunes, Nobyembre 10, 2014

1ST Letter to the President

Dear President Rahlf,

Heavenly Father loves me so much He gave me Sister Crystal as my trainer. She's very hardworking. In fact, when we reached our apartment, we immediately knelt down to pray and straightway went to work.

My first teaching appointment is so memorable.
We taught Juan Carlos, a recent convert.
Our lesson's about ETERNAL MARRIAGE.
Yes, president. My first lesson as a sister missionary
I am just so grateful, that somehow, I didn't feel trunky.

My first 6 days as a full-time missionary has been so hard for me. Before I went to mission, I thought to myself that I would never feel homesickness. But on the first night, I already missed my home and family.

Before I went to mission, I thought there could be no more demanding work than my life as a college student. Now, mission is the most demanding work I have ever done in my whole life -- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Nevertheless, I am loving it. I have seen miracles happen for the past 6 days which made me feel that this work is so rewarding! I have seen miracles happen to other people's lives, as well as mine.

Awhile ago, we met Sister Evelyn. I know it was not an accident to meet her. She had been taught by missionaries 3 years ago. But because she transferred residence, she was not able to see missionaries again. After 3 years, she's been taught by the missionaries again -- us! What a grand privilege it is to be full-time missionaries! It was my first time yo extend baptismal invitation and she accepted it! Goal date is December 17! I hope and pray that everything will fall into its proper place on that date! Aaaah! I know Heavenly Father has prepared Sister Evelyn, and so we have to prepare too and do all that we can for this.

This is His work. I am just an instrument. I need His help.

Sister Acosta


First PDay!

ALMA DISTRICT (MTC)! The best district in the whole Kolob! Halo-halo po kaming lahi. Yung dalawang nakapikit po diyan na mukhang Filipino... ay Malaysians! Haha. Tapos 4 Indians (2 elders and 2 sisters) tapos 1 elder taiwanese. Tapos yung companion ko po si Sister Tsai, taiwanese din. Tapos may 4 Filipinos: 3 elders at ako! 

Kahit 12 days lang kami nagsama eh marami po akong natutunan sa bawat isa sa kanila. Kahit na lagi po silang umuutot (sa klase o sa temple) mahal ko na po sila!

Yung tatlong Filipinos na kasama ko, they are the FINEST 18 YEAR OLD MISSIONARIES I HAVE EVER KNOWN. Kasi po sila palang naman po yung 18 year old missionaries na nakilala ko. Hahaha. Pero seryoso po ako na they are the finest! The best! At proud ako sa kanila!

​MTC Companion. Ito naman po si Sister Tsai. She's a taiwanese. Lumaki sa Australia. Called to serve in Singapore. At syempre, she was trained in the Philippines! Sisters Training Leaders po kami sa batch. At sobrang nagpapasalamat po ako na siya naging companion ko kasi lagi niyang pinapalakas ang loob kapag kinakabahan ako sa pag gawa ng mga assignments namin sa MTC. 

Sige po! Mahal ko kayo lahat! Ay ayaten! Ket makidkidtot iti tatao didtoy no maamuwan da nga adda Ilokana idjay Mindanao! Hahahaha!

PPS: Pasensya kung may mga sentences akong di masyadong malinaw. Di ko na irereview itong sulat dahil wala nang oras. 

PPPS: Labyu!

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