Miyerkules, Oktubre 29, 2014


Sorry, this should be quick. And I am sorry the keyboard of this computer is getting crazy. Maybe I'm just panicking because of the limited time...

Kamusta na kayong lahat? Ako ay ayos lang dito sa MTC. Life has been so great. And time flies in wings of lightning. Ang dami na nangyari na gusto kong ishare sainyo pero I only have 15 minutes left to write letter for all of you. So ishashare ko nalang mga bagay na natutunan ko.

My companion is Sister Tsai and she came from Australia. She's a Taiwanese and she's going to Singapore Mission. We're both assigned as Sisters Training Leaders for this batch and I am grateful for her great example to me.

Sorry talaga sa letter na ito. Pero I want you all to be healthy kasi dito I am healthy so don't worry about me. I hope you are all safe and healthy too.

I love you all.

Wo ai ni (Just like what Sister Tsai always tell me!)

Before wearing our nametags. 

Our District: 4 Filipinos (3 Elders and me). 4 Indians. 2 Taiwanese. 2 Malaysians.
I am so happy happy happy happy!!!

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